Audulus Tutorial Livestream July 5th 2017
  • Lol, that sequencer module might need a little work.
  • @RobertSyrett haha yeah if someone else wants to lay that out I'm sure they'd appreciate it! I'll do another tutorial later about how to do minimum step and add some fancier features to it.
  • @biminiroad - will the live stream be saved for later to rewatch the whole thing on youtube?
  • @Phal_anx - it's already done and saved - you can watch it now!
  • @biminiroad - sadly i missed some stuff but i will watch the whole thing as soon as i see it posted on youtube...
    right now i cant watch it cause i dont see it at audulus on youtube.. only the test stream from last day.. but its nice to know that you choose to save it.. i already got me the live stream patch :D btw its sounds amazing!
  • @Phal_anx - Thanks, and it's already posted on YouTube! It's up there in the top comment - do you not see it? It's missing the first 30 minutes or so, but that will come in when the processing is done. It was mostly me doing stuff by myself before then anyway.
  • @biminiroad - now its on ... i know it always takes time to convert it before it gets posted...
  • Thought I would tidy up the 32-step sequencer.
    Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 12.09.26 PM.png
    815 x 261 - 74K
  • The rest is up now!
  • I added a breakdown of the topics to the video - go to YouTube and you can click on specific times, but here's the overview:

    0:00 - setting up the patch
    17:30 - people start arriving
    18:13 - explaining the Shift Router
    33:52 - explaining the Infinite Crossfader
    36:10 - how to add stereo depth
    37:30 - playing with the Clockable Tuned Delay
    38:33 - oscillator phase question
    39:40 - more Clockable Tuned Delay
    41:13 - explaining the shifting sequencing technique
    44:44 - adjusting patch stereo width
    45:25 - adding reverb
    46:25 - ambient slowdown
    47:13 - where to find user modules
    54:07 - adding polyphony tuning to oscillator
    56:44 - modulating quantizer note on/offs
    59:16 - creating the oscillator module
    1:11:29 - quantizer step on/off question
    1:20:52 - finishing the oscillator module
    1:26:16 - making Sample & Hold module
    1:36:56 - Sample & Hold stereo filter modulation
    1:39:19 - modulating filter type
    1:41:35 - difference between Knob and Constant nodes
    1:44:30 - future tutorial videos
    1:47:18 - more on Sample & Hold module & difference between downsampling and bitcrushing
    2:01:03 - how Mark got hired at Audulus
    2:02:26 - question on how much math you need to understand Audulus
    2:18:59 - how to make step sequencer with more than 8 steps
    2:32:50 - saying goodbye
  • Mark - Many thanks for taking the time and effort to do this! I was only able to dial into the live broadcast for a few minutes and have watched the first 30 minutes or so later this afternoon. I look forward to sitting through the full stream when I have more time, but this is a great way to give users something to chew on. Hope you can find time to do more of these in the future!
  • @Bryan58 you're welcome! It really was my pleasure - lots of fun interacting with people realtime, and much easier than doing a more "produced" tutorial video. Glad people are getting a lot out of it. I'll be doing more soon! At least once a week, but probably 2-3. If you have any suggestions for future topics, let me know! :)
  • @RobertSyrett - thanks for that!
  • Thanks, really enjoyed it. Amazing to watch how fast you modified your patch. I'm looking forward to the next one.
  • @stschoen - you're welcome and thank you! And hah yeah maybe you can see why I love working on the computer :) I hope one day iOS will be that fast at editing.
  • I would agree. Since my mac is currently not running Audulus completely (no oscillator), I've been working on the iPad and it's very frustrating at times. It's too easy to accidentally get more than one thing selected before a move or delete. Thank goodness for a robust undo. Yesterday I accidentally changed the expression in an otoHz node and it took me ages to figure out what was wrong.
  • here is something for the july 6th live stream
    wave combiner.audulus
  • Mark, you mentioned the SOS Synth Secrets PDF - here is a link to the best-formatted version I've found: