Post your Audulus tunes for our Soundcloud Here!
  • I'm trying to make a big collection of Audulus 3 music on the Audulus soundcloud - can you upload your songs made with Audulus and explain what's going on in the song so you or I can add that in the description of the song? I can upload to our account or we can just repost your own Soundcloud songs too.

    Right now I just have a few things I made up there, but I'd like to get more of yours!
  • So we can upload .wav files on this thread?
  • i have a few tracks made wit audulus but not a complete "audulus only track(s)"
    and its a bit hard to discribe which sounds are made with audulus... :(

    but if you are still interested you can check my channel
    @ ;)
  • I'm still learning the synthesis (and Audulus) ropes, but here's a generative, "Krell" patch I made, exclusively in Audulus.