"Group" questions
  • Working on my second patch I wind up with a lot of questions. I will start with a few concerning grouping.
    1. Is it possible to ungroup, or do I have to go inside everything, copy, and paste one level up?
    2. Working in several levels, is there a way of exposing parts of a grouped thing, without converting pots to inputs etc?
    3. Is there a way of working with several instances of a group or module, where changes in one instance (like class in object oriented programming) will occur in the others?
  • Ok. I see now that I can connect outputs directly to a pot. That kind of takes care of (or at least simplifies) #2.
  • 1 - You have to copy/paste or cut/paste theres no ungrouping.
    2 - Yes you can just apply a signal directly to a knob - it doesnt need to be an input node. If that doesnt answer ypur question maybr givw me a more specific case or show me a picture.
    3 - No - just have to finish the sub patch then copy/paste. You can put vias (under utilities) before and after a node to make it easy to go back and quickly remove/replace the patch.

    Let me know if that helps or if you have any more questions! :)