Automate and/or modulate Mixers
  • Hello to everyone. I'm new here, and new to modular synthesis (I'm mostly creating harsh noise or thin, boring tone so far, but I've had some small sucess amidst the trial and error).

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but there doesn't seem to be a way to automate mixers. I was thinking I would crossfade one set of oscillators to another set over time, but I only see the two inputs and one output on the crossfader, with no "control in". Similarly, the quad mixer looks like it just combines whatever is fed to it statically. Id like to see this feature added if it doesn't exsist already. If anyone can offer a suggestion to acomplish the same effect (smooth to gritty, for example, or sine-ish to saw-ish for another), I'd be grateful.
  • I'm in the midst of putting a cross fader into an effect I'm building. If I remember correctly I ran the audio sources into separate multiplication nodes and then multiplied them by the output of the modulation source and one minus the modulation source respectively.
  • Hey @ZenLizard, welcome! Yes, the quad mixer is fairly bare bones right now. You can put Level nodes (Level->Level) in front of each of its inputs to control their levels. In version 1.10, which is coming soon, you'll be able to modulate all knobs, so you could then modulate the Level nodes. In the future, I'll be improving the quad mixer with individual level knobs. In fact I like your name for it, Quad Mixer, better than Mixer4x1 :-)

    For an modulated crossfade, @Skipp has the right idea: use a little math (let me know if you'd like more detail). In 1.10 though you'll be able to wire a connection directly up to the crossfade's knob :-)

    If you're running the Mac version, you can download the 1.10 public beta from this thread:

    - Taylor
  • Thanks, guys. It's good to know that I can do something like what you've described, even if I don't understand how yet. I'm still pretty much fumbling my way around, but everyone's posted patches, in addition to the demo patches, are helping me to figure things out. I would like more detail on how to use math nodes properly. Im doing an awful lot of guessing still.

    I'm going to watch the tutorials again tonight and read the written material again. Understanding the proper numbers to use as defaults in the various inputs is still a bit foggy for me also. I'm having a hell of a lot of fun, though. I am using the iPad version — my Mac convulsed and died about a year ago, and I don't really know when I'll be able to replace it.
  • "Fumbling my way around" is what I do best in Audulus :)