Should we use the term "Clone?"
  • Recently no less than Tony Rolando, founder of MAKE N0ISE, pointed out that what we are doing in this category of the forum isn't really cloning. We are studying and adapting the concepts found in popular eurorack modules and applying the same ideas in a visual object-oriented programming environment. What do you guys think about the term "Eurorack Studies" or "Etude Rack?"
  • I had a talk with him over email, and he objected to the word "clone" but I said we're using it loosely...also some of the modules ARE straight up clones, like the 4ms RCD (that even has some extra features) - I think it's fine as long as we're transparent about who made what module and are communicative with the builders to see if they care - QU-Bit and 4ms think what we're doing is cool and have no problem with it.
  • 1+ "Eurorack Studies" .....sounds nice :)
    Tony Rolando said this himself? :D
  • Yeah, he commented on that youtube video biminiroad posted, under the somewhat provocative title, "Fake Noise 0-Coast Clone." He complimented programming on the module, but observed that it falls short of replicating the actual sound of the original which is what makes a clone a clone.
  • ahh nice :) i totally agree with him on that... its not possible to create the same sounds as long as u are limited somehow... its much more likely to do a clone in something like flowstone, where it is possible to code... so you can get much closer than with audulus... certain hardware components (transistors, vactrols, etc... ) create a special sound when combinated.. (depends on what is used) and this is hard to emulate... its the same with hardware EQs, Compressors and the existing vst clones... some of them are close or even very close (UAD stuff) but not completely the same..
  • "some of them are close or even very close (UAD stuff) but not completely the same.."

    ...sure but if you make a clock modifier clone in Audulus, it's going to be pretty much exactly the same. I think it's fine as long as the people who are consuming Audulus as a program know that it's not any given "clone" is just a "spiritual clone" and not a straight clone. Beside, there's plenty of people who will argue to the ends of the earth that this or that "clone" doesn't sound like the original. Kinda a moot point, no?
  • Perhaps, in some of these circumstances, one could call it an 'homage', especially for those times when the exact duplication is squidgy or debatable, or, especially when the original designer might be reading one's posts. Always nice to have a chance to embed a compliment where a compliment is due :)