What's your top feature request for Audulus? :)
  • I just googled Amos Gaynes, LOL I totally know who that is. I must have watched this video 10 times: https://youtu.be/04PKfjLrXM8

    I actually have a doodle I made while watching it:
    1200 x 1649 - 414K
  • Multy Out / Bluetooth Out
  • An online deposit for people to upload their custom things.
    I have an axoloti, and everytime any developer developes new modules, all i have to do is press "sync" and I have the new modules. Once you have tried that, it seems silly to have to download stuff, upload it to icloud, and then use it on your ipad.
  • @the19thbear - that's coming! :)
  • Wuhuuu!
    Another one. Search function for the modules.

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  • +1 for MIDI OUT
  • some mostly interface suggestions for now :)

    1. change color/intensity of the selected cable when you move it so you can see it better

    2.double tap an output to initiate cable and then double-tap the destination input to complete the connection (and double click with mouse)

    3. in desktop version : on screen midi keyboard like ios version (but you can play with your pc keyboard)

    4.toolbar like ios version (if you want to use it fine if you dont its fine too (its good to have options)), selection patch thumbnail like ios version

    5. more gpu/cpu optimize for windows

    6. real full screen for windows (now is only "maximize window")

    7. undo selection/view/history list

    8. middle mouse button to pan

    9.record audio output to wav while you play with the patch :)

    10.record automation lanes for knobs (so you can have your live performance saved in the patch)

    11.ability to add/paint color background to highlight something with a tool like the selection tool or better fill tool to fill boxes with color (even with a limited color palette and without getting messy like a predefined grid on the background while the foregroung will turn negative or something like that)

    12. option to close the patch without exit from the program + option when you open a new patch and you have another running to pause the old one
  • @sot - you can use a very slow saw LFO and the spline node to do parameter automation that give you a "lane" - attach the output of the spline to the knob and you can make things rise over time, fade in/out, etc.
  • @biminiroad alright, done it this way, cool :) thx
  • 1-4 and 7-9 are great ideas! I +1 each!
  • Wow mark you live with amos' dad? That is cool. You know, for amos' dad.
    (Was in contact with Amos a bit back when early versions of animoog were first getting tested). Great guy.
  • Would like to be able to see the value inside the knob while adjusting. It currently gets blacked out/covered up with the enlarged knob image. Perhaps it just needs to be hollowed out?
  • @DrYes - we could do this, but also, why? If you're on iPad, when you put your finger down, you'd be covering where the display would be.

    And yeah, Amos' dad is the MAN! We have dinner together and I love his cute dog, Fletcher (see attached).
    2448 x 3264 - 1M
  • @biminiroad mind if I use a drawing of that dog for my pet portrait side-gig?
  • Not at all! Send it over to me so I can send it to David, he'd love it!
  • Please add search and sort to the modules list, now it takes too much time to pick the right module because there are so many of them, tags are good but not enough.
  • @bionic_ears - that's coming! Taylor just needs to figure out a way to implement it :)
  • multichannel i/o with expert sleepers!!!
  • +1 for multichannel i/o, my freshly installed ES-8 is feeling the need
  • @ittlod Waiting for my es-8 to show up today. MULTICHANNEL I/O HYPE!
  • @lionelfischer @lttlod @robertsyrett - Taylor's working on that right now! :)
  • very exciting!
  • I am loving Audulus! Forgive me if this has been covered.. Are there any plans for a "patch player" program for Linux, Raspbian, Android etc? It would be amazing to run patches in eurorack modules or other project synths!
  • @shapesorter - Audulus won't work on ARM processors, and no Android plans yet. It does run on Linux already, though!
  • @biminiroad,
    Re knob values...yes they'd get covered when putting finger down but not while adjusting. It's not like you put your finger on the knob and leave it there. Finger moves off of it to change value( the reason the finger was put down in the first place;) ).
    Sounded like a useful improvement to me.
  • @Biminiroad - Thank you for the response! I was hoping that there was a way to use Audulus in the same way that Pure Data is used in the Organelle by Critter and Guitari. It would be super cool!

    It would be awesome if there was a less expensive patch player that does not have editing capabilities, and only allows access to specific designated parameters. This could be loaded on a linux based system with an auto-run command. The designation could be done in the same way that one designates visible parameters and I/o's within modules, but at a patch level. The "patch player" could have a preferences to facilitate the mapping of patch parameters to the I/O's of the system on which it is installed.

    Thanks again!
  • @shapesorter - i doubt we'll have a different version just for a patch player, but we are working on hardware for Audulus! That said, if you can make something that works and fits in a little box we'd love to see it :)
  • @dryes - sure, but only if you're making a larger adjustment - you'd have to move your finger enough to get it out of the way, but what if you want to make a small incremental adjustment?
  • @biminiroad - Creating a small device would be easy! I bet that I could fit it into a eurorack module. That being said, there would be limit to the processing power available.

    Gotcha, I just thought that it would make sense for re-distribution. You could sell licenses in bulk to 3rd parties who wish to create platform hardware to run patches. These licenses can be sold at a lower price, as they do not have the ability to develop patches (only create presets), and (ideally) would require less processing power. Not having to pay full price for multiple instances of Audulus would incentivize the utilization of Audulus by hardware developers. It totally understand that this may not be the direction that you would like to take. I was just curious if it was considered.

  • @shapesorter - we'd definitely be into doing that on an industrial scale, but someone just making one or two of them here or there - no, it wouldn't be worth the time. If you want to make a hundred of them, let's talk!
  • Yes, that would be the idea. It would definitely not be cost effective for me to make less than 100 pcb's (or pour hours into the hardware developement). I could easily test with a standard Linux installation for the sake of development, I just wanted to know the possibilities before going down that road. Thank you for your answers!
  • @shapesorter - email me at mark@audulus.com if you want to talk about this further! :)
  • Better Help screens for module. For example, the Mapper module simply says that it's a Patch node. I realize that this is probably something that the creator of the Module/Node should do, but it's something that should be considered a requirement if your work is to be included in the purchased software.
  • @altgrendel - that's what I'm doing right now! :) I apologize for it not being complete already - I really only work part-time for Audulus so it's tough to get as much done as I want to as quickly as I want to. But I've been sitting down now and finishing all the docs before I do any other work! Best estimate I can give is that they'll be done sometime in February.
  • I know that Ableton Link is coming so I wanted to request a global transport window, perhaps that can be minimized like the ipad touch keyboard. Along with that I would hope there would be nodes that could output global tempo/time/play&pause.
  • @RobertSyrett - that's coming in Audulus 4 :)
  • Nice, 4udulus: DAW edition.
  • @RobertSyrett - that's the idea! Especially since the Data/sample node will be coming then too.
  • Umm...

    Maybe "snap to grid" so you can line up modules?
  • @altgrendel - I've wanted this for a while! the inner organizer would be pleased...
  • >inner organizer

    I would like a lasso tool for when I am editing the UI of a module.
  • I can't seem to figure out how to determine pitch frequency from an incoming mic signal or similar internal signal. Accumulate highest amplitude peaks over 1/16th of a second and report Hz? I'm not looking for something that would Fast Fourier Transform and tell me what guitar chord was being played, just something that would go - yep that plucked string post filtration is still in tune.
  • @dustand the ZeroCross node under "utilities" does this! :)
  • @dustand if you email me at mark@audulus.com with the patch you're working on I'll add it in for ya! :)
  • Access to midi data so I can transform / generate note & cc data

    You could for instance use that to build something like a tempo sync'd LFO that can modulate a CC message. This would be supremely useful in desktop version when using AUs ... for instance you can just dig into the AU interface and midi learn the input you want to modulate from your Audulus patch

    It would also make building arpeggiators and chord triggers and stuff a lot simpler.
  • @plurgid that's coming as a part of the MIDI out expansion!
  • I would like a search box function, if there is one I don't see it.
  • Audulus as an VST FX plugin.
  • @Sononos it already is a VST and AU :) Talk about instant gratification.