Example patch behavior - what do you think?
  • I'm working on finishing up the new patch browser, and I wanted to get your opinion on something:

    Right now, there's a separate "section" for the example patches. Instead of saving changes to them, new copies are made.

    A few people have found this copying behavior kinda confusing, so I was thinking of adding an alert which asks the user if they'd like to save changes.

    However, what do you guys think of just allowing the example patches to be modified, but having some button in the settings or help to "restore example patches"?

    - Taylor
  • The restore button makes the most sense, I think once a new user has a Few minutes with the examples, they will be ine making their own patches.
  • @Dcramer, cool. It also makes the code a bit cleaner (no special cases for examples).
  • Restore sounds great to me. Nice and clean.
  • Yep, restore. SImple.