Fractal Generator
  • A tiny, janky fractal generator. It took a while to wrap my head around a way to accomplish this, but I finally got it. Sort of. There seems to be some timing issues that causes the light coloration to be off, but the negative space in the center is still vaguely Mandelbrot shaped so I'm calling it a win for now. I didn't use any sort master clock to 100% sync everything up, so this was to be expected.

    How to use:
    Make sure the button in the lower-left hand corner of the screen is set to the "on" position. Then disconnect and reconnect the "maxIt" wire in the lower right hand corner of the unit. I'm not really sure why the button itself doesn't work, but it might have to do with the fact that the CPU usage is so insanely high.
    Also, if the unit ever gets stuck on a particular pixel, hit the button in the upper-left hand corner of the unit. That will un-stick it.

    Where to modify:
    For those of you versed in how fractals are generated, inside of the fractal unit, in the far upper-left corner of the workspace is an island of units that do all of the processing. The top-most unit of this island is the Math unit (I forgot to label it, but it's the unit that has "z" and "mu" inputs). The unit to it's immediate lower-right is the Test unit.

    I'll explain how fractals work at another time. I have a document I wrote about a year ago somewhere on my other computer that I think does a pretty decent job of explaining it.

    I'm also tying a feature request into this post as well:
    The ability to turn off synth processing while working on patches.

    This unit uses nearly 90% of my iPad Air 1's CPU. That means that making changes to the unit when it's so close to completion gets unbearably slow (frame rate drops to somewhere around or below 1fps) and crash-prone. The iPad isn't exactly a processing powerhouse so I don't expect it to run perfectly some or even most of the time, but being able to disable all wire activity would free up much needed CPU space to work on big projects.
    To avoid any confusion from novices you could add a permanent message at the top of the screen while this feature is activated that says something like, "YOU HAVE HALTED ALL UNIT ACTIVITY. TAP HERE TO RESTORE IT."
  • @biminiroad - Hahaha, thanks. :D
    Hopefully it will look a lot better on computers once I scale up the design. 16x16 is simply too small to generate any decent looking images. This could take some time though, as I will have to write code to generate the file for me.
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  • @Alexander - awesome man! You can have a +1 for that feature request as well. What if you could turn all of the processing in a sub-patch on and off? You could get so much more out of the cpu.

    @biminiroad - didn't I read there might be some way other than the sample and hold node to store data in a future update? If you could move a knob (or something), automatically turn on a sub-patch, generate and store the output, and turn off the sub-patch again, that would save so much cpu. Especially for iPads and iPhones.
  • @drewyeah check out the latest library beta build, there is a flipflop module that illustrates this concept - it will be 2 minute tip video #15
  • @biminiroad - Those patches look great man! I was asking if there was something other than sample and hold in the works to store data. I see 2 problems with storing data in a SH. 1: you need a node for every piece of information you want to store and that can add up quick. Save 8 parameters of a 16 step sequencer and its already 128 nodes not to mention the nodes to get the data in and out. 2 the SH value isn't saved with the patch so anything you save is lost when you close the patch. Some kind of lookup table that saves with the patch would work way better.
  • @drewyeah the new preset system will actually make this S&H method somewhat obsolete - You will be able to snapshot and recall states. But if you want read *and* write, the S&H is the way to go.
  • Nice! Will the preset system save S&H states? Sorry for all of the questions :/
  • @Drewyeah - yes, and never be sorry for asking questions! :)