• A simple Pong clone. I realized a little while ago that I forgot to add corner-hit-detection for the paddles, but I'll save adding that for another time.

    Thing I learned from making this: When exposing elements in a patch, they should not appear in a stack. The reason why the playing field is so small is because I had to individually expose and arrange all 256 tiny lights. Open patch, expose light, exit patch, arrange light, repeat 256 times. Also, if I could "double expose" light elements (exposing items two patches deep) I could have saved myself from having to connect a couple hundred wires.
  • Spectacular effort! I'm totally impressed. Really beautiful.
    I'll probably drop into this thread a few times with more superlatives.
  • That is extraordinary. I wish I had the patience and logical skills to do this.
  • That's crazy. Thanks for sharing.
  • This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!
  • Could someone post a video/some pics? This sounds awesome!
    (windows user here)
  • @legopatch check our twitter @audulus - this is INSANE i love it. Thank you for doing it. Would love to interview you over Skype for a video talking about how you created this. You could promote your music or project too - I could see this vid getting thousands of views really quickly.

    Anyway Im just glad you did Pong so I didnt have to! Cross that one off my list. Bravo. @JDRaoul handed me the Mad Scientist cap and now I'm turning it over to you.

    Also i agree completely on your suggestions and have requested them from Taylor since beta 3 - theyre coming just will take a while. :)
  • Thanks guys. :D

    @biminiroad - Sure, I can do an interview on how I made it. I'd like to see other people make weird stuff like this too, so I'm willing to do what I can to help. : )
  • @Alexander yeah i also work for this company called Endangered Audio Research and I kinda want to develop my own podcast that allows me to interview all types of music tech creatives and musicians in bith digital and analog world. I have all these awesome conversations with Taylor and Todd (owner of EAR) and just feel like other people might wanna listen in on stuff like that. For EAR we're going to develop a one-stop shop for DIY electronics info that can get a total newb up to speed on the basics rather than having to cobble together knowledge from corners of the web here and there (so many bad schematics out there too). Anyone who wants to be on the show can totally be on it just PM me with your email and we'll schedule a time - looking to start this up in Feb
  • @Alexander, did you build Pong on iOS or Mac?
  • @Taylor - I built this on iOS. I don't have a copy of Audulus on Mac.
  • Hey is this patch gone? I'm not seeing it in the first post anymore.
  • That's weird. It's showing up for me.
  • hah! i guess that explains the issue over at the slew limiter - something's off with my browser i guess
  • I'm having an issue where every file I download on my iPad shows up as blank with just the input and speaker object, and gives me a message saying it is updated from 2.x file and might need fixing, I'm fairly certain that many of them were from 3.x
  • @MacroMachines - they are probably patches that were made in 2, no? Those are not compatible with 3. Does this one give you that same message?
  • Yes, I will even try posting a file in a dedicated thread and re downloading it to be absolutely sure
  • I dont see the patch on this thread anymore
  • i see it on my windows pc and can download it
  • @diego898 - are you on iOS? if so, click "visit full site" at the bottom - it's still there :)
  • false alarm! a setting on my adblocker I fixed
  • Just reminding everyone that this exists. Still one of the most incredible Audulus modules ever made.