Audulus with Audiobus Released!
  • This will be so cool!
    There aren't really any apps that can process audio like Audulus in the Audiobus family yet.
    Really need midi clock now too!
  • You can drive the whole audiobus chain with genome, even though it won't be on the bus itself... I keeps it all together rather nicely.
  • @Dcramer, how do you think I should add in MIDI clock? Some sort of MIDI clock node? I haven't thought much about it yet.

    - Taylor
  • It could be as simple as one node that spits out synced subdivisions (derived internally from midi) such as 64 or 32 notes and then a clock divider that can be used divide that clock down into musical units with a control input to switch thru the units. This would be in keeping with the Audulus low level modular approach.
    Another way to make it easier for users to work with at first would be one node that spits out predefined, synced clocks from an internal midi connection, sort of like the keyboard but for clock signals. Like a tall node with multiple outs labelled; whole, half, half triplet, quarter, quarter triplet, and so on.
    I prefer the first method for its flexibility, but the second method would be easier for new users.
  • @Dcramer, yeah I think I'll go with your clock divider suggestion. That could be pretty useful :-)

    - Taylor
  • It should be able to listen on any CC# since the CC# of the clock source could be anything. It should display the tempo in BPMs or milliseconds (user selected), and then output in a musical subdivision. On my G-system the subdivision options are whole, dotted-half, half, triplet-half, dotted quarter, quarter, trip-quarter, dotted-eighth, eighth, trip-eighth, dotted-sixteenth, sixteenth, trip-sixteenth, dotted-32nd and 32nd. I think these are pretty standard.

    Then all the other time-based nodes need to have the option to sync to the clock.