Simple FM Synth
  • A simple (but capable), four operator FM Synth.

    - Level controls each oscillators carrier signal.
    - Modulation section allows mixing in of FM from each oscillator (regardless of level).
    - Global LFO.

    Let me know what you think.

    edit: new update - v1.2
  • I just got Audulus, tried out this patch with the keyboard. Looks (edit: SOUNDS) cool! This might just be a me-specific problem, or an Audulus problem, probably not something with your patch, but does the low-C on the little built in keyboard (iPad) seem to be less sensitive?

    Also, eventually it'd be cool to incorporate the different 'algorithms' like a DX would use. This is 4 operators in series right?
    edit: actually, individual FM modules could just be wired up to do this?

    Anyway, cool stuff, it's great to see FM synth stuff done with a modular setup.
  • nice FM sounds, thank you.
  • @Reverberator

    The modulation section allows you to create your own algorithms.

    You essentially mixin the signal from other oscillators (this happens pre-level) to shape the sound (including self oscillation).

    The preset in the download is 2 carrier/2 modulator.
    A and C have an audible level, with B and D being mixed in respectively to provide the frequency modulation.

    [ B ] [ D ]
    [ A ] [ C ]

    Anyway, glad people are enjoying it. I intend to keep iterating on it and probably build a little library of preset sounds to show it's true potential.
  • @ToyDivision thanks for explaining
  • No problem. = )
  • Cleared history, much smaller.

    Beautiful use of Vias! Exactly what I imagined people doing with them.

    Haven't listened to it yet (reorganizing my workspace and working on docs right now), but will revisit soon. Loving the stuff you're coming up with - got a rising Audulus star here, for sure.

    Speaking of presets...all I can say is please do! There will be an upcoming preset-like function that does presets, but much more, too. You might even work this preset function into some of the presets themselves! Sounds confusing, but it will make sense soon :) Stay tuned.
    Toy Division - Freq Mod.audulus
  • @biminiroad - thanks for the kind words, but the credit really should go to Audulus.

    I'm a long time Pure Data and Max MSP user, and more recently Reaktor, but Audulus has quickly become my favourite patching environment.

    It's the friendliest visual DSP language I've found, and incredible fun to boot.
  • @ToyDivision - can I blurb what you said on Twitter please? Thank you! Papernoise helped us with the redesign:

    I love his work on Mutable.
  • Yep, blurb away... = )
  • I've just updated the patch. (now v1.2)

    I found a bug where I had literally got my wires crossed and had created envelope modulation by mistake.

    The new version sounds 10x better.
  • Nice! Maybe I'll take a break from docs in a little an plug in my keyboard and jam for a bit :) I feel Taylor's pain of designing this beautiful thing and then feeling like you don't even have time to play it!
  • WOW awesome design
  • Thank you for this! I am new to Audulus and one of the best things about this app compared to most other apps on iOS is that as well as software updates you get new user patches with new modules. Makes it even more exciting to use it every day.
    And this synth is working great on my mini at about 30%
    Awesome, thanks again.
  • @DrYes - Glad you like it.

    I'm pretty new to Audulus as well, so there is definitely room for improvement in my patches... But 30% is a good start.

    One thing I need to improve on is leaving comments in my code. It certainly makes it easier to mod as well as learn from.
  • 30% is just fine for a mini! Minis don't have the fastest processors. Go big or go home! :) My Cogito took up about 50% of the CPU time in Audulus 2, and that was just a sequencer! :)
  • So thanks for the great patch!
  • THANK YOU!! very cool indeed!
  • Worth noting this was my first attempt at FM in Audulus.

    Version 2 is here, which I think sounds a little better.