Copy and Paste Input&Output node attributes
  • Hi,

    Just getting started with Audulus. Currently I have to create a 'new' input and output node from the node browser in order to get a multichannel output. If I cut and copy the default input 1-> output 1 setup - even when I change the input and output respectively both to 2, it is only mono.

    I am currently on Logic Pro 9.1.8

  • Ah... sounds like a bug! Let me see if I can reproduce that. Is just creating the nodes manually a good enough work-around for now?

    - Taylor
  • Maybe a bug with copy paste? I also use Logic but I've always just added output nodes from the menu and then set the output number. This always gives me a stereo pair, but I haven't tried anymore than two ins or outs. Sometimes I find the output doesn't work till I set the number, even if it already says out 1.
  • I think that this is a new record for developer feedback! :-D

    No problem with the work around- but I was starting to think that if copying and pasting doesn't work for that (and I only checked by a fluke) then I was thinking that other patches may have similar 'baked in' attributes.