AudioBus in Audulus -- Thank you!
  • UPDATE: Good work folks! Thanks to your posts, I now have access to AudioBus :-). I'll begin work adding it to Audulus post haste.


    There's a thread over on Synthtopia asking readers which apps should AudioBus support next:

    Audulus hasn't been mentioned as I'm writing this. One of the AudioBus developers is watching the thread, so the more of you that can mention Audulus, the more likely I'll get early access to AudioBus!

    - Taylor
  • Thanks man!
  • Actually several posts mention Audulus already so let's hope!
  • When inserting an amplifier or heaphone in the ipad, using audulus in audiobus as effect, the input switches to the internal microphone. Please fix this
  • Hey @Meesteric, sorry about that! I'll try to reproduce it.

    Does it work if you insert headphones before adding Audulus as an AudioBus effect?

    - Taylor
  • I've been able to use Audulus in the effects slot with another synth or drum machine in an Input slot and with headphones plugged in it works as expected.
    I sometimes notice certain combination of synths in Audiobus seems to activate the internal mic, but I haven't been able to reproduce it.
  • I never had that happen, Taylor. Sorry man, I was supposed to find these sorts of things :(

    Only audiobus issue I run across regularly is mic feedback in the effects slot once the bus input is deactivated, which makes perfect sense. No bug there at all.
  • Yeah I'm not sure it was an Audulus problem or something related to Audiobus or one of the apps.
  • @odoyle, no worries! You're right, the mic feedback isn't a bug. But perhaps Audulus could be a little smarter and mute audio after being kicked off the bus, so to speak :-).

    @Dcramer, yeah its hard to know exactly where these things come from, but my first instinct is always to blame myself.
  • I know if Loopy(HD) is in the input slot it will turn the mic on, unless you turn it off in the settings. Arctic Keys, Nlog, sampleton can all do this too. That might have been the problem. @meesteric what was your input?

    ps: Just bought Audulus today as part of the 'collect em all' mission of Audiobus apps, really looking forward to tinkering. Good job getting it implemented quickly Taylor and thanks for the discount. :-)
  • @Ryan, welcome! I assume if you use Nlog in the effects slot it works fine right?