something wrong with the AU?
  • There seems to be a bug in the AU version. I'm not able to create or load any patches that receive audio input (so as an effect or as a midi-controlled effect). Inputs 1 and 2 seem to have very high default values ... so high in fact that I can't route them to anything without getting a crash or other odd behavior.

    For instance, in the screenshot I have audulus loaded as a midi-controlled effect. I've not actually routed a sidechain to it yet, so there is no input at all. However, I can't route the input to anything ... the screenshot shows me trying to connect it to the value node ...
  • Plurgid, can you email me your logic project? I wasn't able to reproduce the issue.

    - Taylor
  • here ya go
  • Ok, it looks like sidechains don't work in the instrument version. Mono input is fine, but stereo input seems broken. I'll get you a new version as soon as I fix it.

    - Taylor
  • works like a champ! thanks for the quick patch!
  • Hey, just wanted to note that this patch also solves the problem I've been having since 1.6 with being unable to import newly-created patches into Garageband. So, whatever you're doing, keep it up! :D