Apple messed up iCloud documents in iOS 8 [EDIT: possibly fixed in iOS 8.3]
  • Hey All,

    If you're running iOS 8, be sure to turn off iCloud document storage in Audulus. You can do that by going to the Settings menu and turning off "Store Patches in iCloud."

    I hesitate to blame Apple for things, but other developers are hitting the same horrible bugs.

    Hopefully they'll get on top of this soon.

    - Taylor
  • Does this problem still exist or can i enable icloud again? It would be very convenient to use it again. Having to use email is quite cumbersome.
  • Hey @kall, go ahead but understand that Apple's iCloud document storage is buggy and I'm likely to drop the feature from Audulus, because it's been a massive headache for me. Sorry about that!
  • OK thanks. The previous issues i had where endlessly duplicated and missing files, i guess thats what you mean. Have you considered adding another sync method e.g. dropbox?
  • Taylor, if you drop iCloud will there be any other way to transfer patches between an iPad and a Mac?
  • I dunno about you @Taylor but the minor convenience of patches being automatically synced is less important than spending your time developing other features. Email has always worked just fine for me.
  • oh wait now that I think of it can you go the other way? from email to iPhone?
  • What is the exact situation with the iCloud sync? This feature was one reason for me to choose Audulus because it was advertised in the App Store.

    Please get this fixed or remove it from the description in the App Store due to misleading...

    I know that iCloud sync is a challenge in iOS 8, but other programmers came to grips with it, e.g. 1password and many many more.

  • @plangin, I just tested it and things seem to be better now in iOS 8.3. Let me know if you run into any issues!
  • I started using Audulus with iOS 8.3 and it is not really working:

    The name of the projects are synced fast and almost in realtime. But the patch is empty on the "other" device: Only input and output node, nothing else. Just a blank patch.

    Also Audulus seems to recognize some sync conflicts sometimes and creates duplicates. E.g. the patch "Funky Footwork" is in version 4, in the meantime. ;-) (check screenshot).

    Please let me know, if you can not reproduce the issues - I could write a steps to reproduce list.

    P.S. I don't own the Mac version, can only test it under iOS at the moment.
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  • @plangin, may I send you an invitation for Audulus 3.0 beta testing? I'm going to be working on iCloud today.

    - Taylor
  • Sure! :-)
  • What's the word on icloud sync?
    I'm also still having the icloud sync problem that's been described above.
    I just updated my iphone 6+ and ipad to ios 9.0.2 hoping it'd work... not so. :(
    Duplicated files and patches that are just input and output nodes.
    I'm willing to beta test too, I also have Audulus for windows.
    I vote for dropbox too if icloud is being scrapped, I'm just wondering whats up?
  • @IMIX, I've simplified a lot of the code for 3.0. So I think 3.0 will be reliable :) (It will be out in a few weeks)
  • Fantastic!! I'm looking forward to all that v3.0 will bring!!
    Thanks Taylor!
  • I tried to download Audulus for the iPad from the UK app store but it is unavailable. Can anyone help?