Challenges using seq16 - guidance needed
  • Hi All,

    Brand new here - bought audulus for Mac last night as was u past midnight tinkering - love it!

    New as I am to Audulus and modular synths, I am on basic terms with semi-modulars and synths in general (i'm actually a guitarist)

    However, I cannot seem to find a way (or engineer a fix for) in seq16 for an 8-step (or 'any'-step) sequencer. I fiddled with the 'reset' input for a while but I just don't get it. What am I missing?

    Also, is there a way to chain a seq16 to get 32-steps - i.e. in series?


  • @fuzzbrains - Welcome!
    For starters, check out the sequencer sub-patches in the sub-patch subsection.
    Here are some of mine:
    There are several ways to chain seq16's together. You will figure them out in a few hours. If you really want, I'll post instructions.
  • Thanks @JDRaoul ! [been enjoying your soundcloud uploads by the way. I sent a follow request ;) ]

    So i suppose I will learn from these in a 'hands-on' way - but do you also cover the issue of setting numbers of steps other than 16 in your patches?
  • @fuzzbrains - The seq16 subs I made have variable length. It's easier to show than explain but the logic is if your step count exceeds your desired maximum, you reset the sequencer.
    Audulus is all about hands-on.
  • wow - ok, so i've looked inside those sub-patches and it seems even more confusing, not enlightening!

    Somehow I need to tell the sequencer to reset at 9 to go to 1 (if i'm aiming for an 8-step). So somehow I need to signal to the reset node '1' as soon as the step reaches 9...

    Any hints welcome!
  • Try running the "steps" output on the seq16 to the top input on a lessthan node. Set the bottom input to 8. Then run the output to the "reset" input on the seq16. That should do you.
  • Run the output of the less-than node right back into the reset of the sequencer. A True condition of the less-than node sends "1" and resets the sequencer.
    I'll post a demo a little later.
    Like Shipley said.
  • swwwwweeeeet... ok! Thanks @ceilidhshipley! I never quite saw it that simple in the other sub-patches, so I guess that there was more going on in those...
  • No problem @fuzzbrains. I find a good place to start when thinking about automation is to pretend you are the nodes, then think "what do I need to know in order to do x." Once you realize what information the node needs, then you can start looking for that information from other nodes and outputs. So, your train of thought was right on track. :)
  • @fuzzbrains
    Check this out.
    Seq X.audulus
  • thanks @JDRaoul.

    I'm glad this forum is here. Have you guys thought about putting together a 'basics' video series? That would be awesome. Perhaps making stuff like hardware molues, FM synthesis, etc.?
  • @fuzzbrains - Audulus has a steep learning curve but very short. I predict you'll have the hang of it inside a week. Keep digging through the forum. There is already a lot here.
    Tutorials are on hold until we see what Audulus 3 looks like.