Examples: Cora, Heptad and Quadrille :S
  • As a newcomer, I find those "examples" very intimidating!! The "Welcome", "Subtractive" and "Additive" examples are easy to grasp, but those others are so complex!

    It's near impossible to decipher/dismember those patches! I think it would be way more easier to understand if those patches were broken down into smaller parts and then some explanation of what each part is doing... I mean, I don't need hand holding for synthesis, but this math territory is very scary haha!

    I don't need to know the insides of the formulas cause we can have everything on a .txt file to copy paste, but some explanation of what they do would be nice, I can only see a lot of floating boxes with inputs and outputs and those big ass formulas on it, I have a big "?" on top of my head.

    This app seriously need some video lessons for the intricate stuff, someting like groove3 videos.
  • Alright, I have just found the new documentation that contains all the nodes explanation... I understand now that the "boxes with big ass formulas" (lol) are the Math Expression nodes, cool, ok.

    Still, on the given examples we don't have a clue of what those formulas are actually doing, we only hear the results (which are great, by the way).

    It would be nice if the authors could write some text by the math expression nodes so the noobies would know what's happening (perhaps I'm asking too much).

  • @AlbertGauer, Sorry about the mess. (You should see my studio. Chaos,)
    In my defense, these weren't designed as tutorials. Taylor included them to illustrate possibilities. I could go back and annotate them but I probably won't...
    However, I'm happy to answer any questions you have.
    (And while those expressions may appear intimidating, I am no math whiz. It's mostly arithmetic and logic.)
    Ask away.
  • @JDRaoul

    Wow that's very kind of you.

    I'll make a list (haha don't worry, won't be that long - I hope)