Can't exit "patch"
  • Hey guys! Just bought Audulus on impulse as part of my new-found obsession with all things modular and I can't seem to exit sub patches upon creating them. I press "e" but nothing happens. Cubase 7.5 on Windows 8.1 (all 64-bit).

    Thanks in advance!
  • Haha thanks - when I chose it it was just a stupid name. Little did I know it'd follow me around in every aspect of my musical 'career'. Whoops.
  • @chimp_spanner, sorry, some hosts seem to catch the key commands. I'll have a fix in the next version. Sorry about that!
  • Ah damn, no worries. I'll keep an eye out then! I can still use it without sub-patches. It's just a bit messy ;) Great plugin so far though. Any plans for PWM? Will try and knock up a little demo with it tonight and share it online. I know a lot of people who'd be interested in this.
  • @chimp_spanner You can actually build your own PWM like the attached image. Probably should run it through a LPF, but this is the basic idea, and I've used it very satisfactorily.

    Phasor runs from 0 to 2*Pi, so I have the duty cycle knob (the constant node going into the LessThan's 'b') goes from 0 to Pi (or 3.14159, which is close enough ;).

    You could set the max to 2*Pi, too, but a duty cycle of 25% sound the same as 75%, just out of phase.
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  • Oh, oops. Looks like you were planning to build your own, now that I read your comment more thoroughly. :P
  • If something crashes on iPhone when in s patch I have to exit once for the du patch which seems to do nothing and then exit again for the actual patch ,, guess what if you're inside a sub patch inside a sub patch ,,, exit three times. That puts you back to the list of your patches usually restarting the patch works. This happens typically placing a new mode from the create menu something gets locked down and won't respond until you exit the patch