Run Audulus in background.
  • Is this possible? i would love to trig and control generators in Audulus thru Beatsurfing.
    How to connect both? i have Audulus running here, and a "pass thru" midi line in Midi bridge.

    How to assign a midi trigger from Beatsurfing to Audulus ? If i set a midi trigger in "midi learn mode", is your app still seeking for midi notes when your app is switched backward?? Same question for Constant module and cc mapping.

    I will use Audulus for sure. looking forward for some more math and logics stuff.
    Congrats for this promising app !

  • MIDI notes and CCs are two different animals, and both beatsurfing and audulus know that, so there shouldn't be an issue. In BS, set your note shapes up and they should pick up in audulus just fine through midibridge. To map CCs from audulus, make your BS shapes and give them CC #s, then switch back to audulus and select learn CC. Switch back to BS and fart around with your CC shape. Boom. Done.

    Hopefully, anyway. I haven't tried BS yet, but that's how TBMIDIstuff worked through MIDIBridge anyway.

    Hope this answers your questions.
  • rmut, by the way, this will get a bit easier once I release a version with virtual midi. That should be coming up in just a couple weeks!!! (I'm pretty excited, in case you can't tell :-)

    - Taylor
  • thank you guys.

    Seems i do do something wrong! i still cant trigger or remote stuff inside Audulus :) it will try again..

    1 i set a "constant" dial in midi lean mode
    2 back to bs, i move a fader that send cc to coremidi
    3 back to Audulus the dial is not affected by the bs cc.

    How to set Audulus in "run in bakground mode"?
  • rmut, you might be getting a little ahead of Audulus right now :-\.

    I just tried assigning a MIDI CC while the app is running in the background and it indeed didn't work, though maybe odoyle has figured out how to get it working.

    After all, odoyle rules:

    Sorry about that! The first release was really only intended to be used with an external MIDI controller, not app-to-app MIDI. Just give me a few weeks and I'll have it all sorted out :-)

    - Taylor
  • haha, thats amazing that you plan to implement that.
    so in between i need to send the cc via another ipad or controller ? using the same cc number than the one used in my beatsurfing templates?
  • Midi learn did work with tbmidistuff, I'll give BS a crack tonight and document the solution—if there indeed is one for now. Check back later.

    Rmut, did you toggle background mode in audulus from the gear inside the patch browser?
  • odoyle: good point! You'll need to enable background audio.

    I'm actually not sure why it wasn't working for me earlier :-\ I just got it working, with my latest unreleased version with Virtual MIDI support that is.

    I'd give it a shot with the released version and MidiBridge, but I think odoyle has it covered :-)

    - Taylor
  • K, here are the steps:
    1. Open MIDIBridge, click preferences, and disable the coremidi interface. Connect MIDIBridge in to MIDIBridge out, then press the home button.
    2. Open Beatsurfing, create some note operators and a fader. Give the fader a CC#. I used CC70. Finish editing BS page, then press home button again.
    3. Launch audulus, verify it's set to do background audio, then open the desired patch. Once loaded, tell the knob you want to twerk to learn a CC, then double-tap home button.
    4. Go back to Beatsurfing. Audulus is still waiting for the MIDI CC controller to be fiddled. Once in BS, slide that fader back and forth a few times.
    5. Verify in audulus that the knob you twerked now reflects the slider position in BS. Should work.
    6. Back to BS, play away.
    7. Profit!

    Now, one caveat: at least on my iPad, this tends to result in stuck notes VERY often. That said, the question on the table was MIDI CCs, not whether or not audulus liked being driven by beatsurfing through the MIDIBridge hack. Even while stuck, i can still twerk my filter knobs from Beatsurfing ;)

    So far, I have found TBMIDIStuff to be far more reliable as an audulus controller—especially since if you set TBMIDIStuff to output on channel 2 of its OWN virtual ports (it has 5 to choose from, and #1 is currently crash-bugged) then you don't even need MIDIBridge at all. The fewer hacks in play at any given time, the more likely audulus will make nice-nice with your controller app.

    MIDIme also plays audulus VERY well, and gives bouncing physics balls to CC#s, too. Auto-modulate from your controller app FTW.

    Hope this helps you guys.
  • Great tutorial. Thanks.
  • Thank you, apreciated