Bimini Road: Cogito Cartesian Sequencer (Current Version 0.5)
  • A conductive stylus.. and PATIENCE. :)

    I'll give it a try later.
  • @Taylor - keeping the philosopher theme running, btw
  • @biminiroad
    This Mad Scientist hat that I've been sporting in my secret laboratory belongs to you now. Wear it wisely.
  • @biminiroad, wow the guts of this are something else! and nice use of modulating the root note on the scale mapper! Good stuff!
  • hey now all my ios phone does is get lost about there at thirty %. i looked aroud and found that rene makenoise and was ok try with only four by four. got 3oscillator a filter for each y but by then its up to 15% but that runs. really cool instrument. ive been anding the output xy for both to only play when both xy are highs to16 adsr gates ! and it reads 16 knobs for only pitch so far. add in the euclid rythm for lots of additional power thanks for posting your cartesian creation
  • thanks @hruffin3! I'm having some trouble getting Audulus to work on my new computer, but once I have that figured out, I'm going to update this and fix some things that are a little broken about it.
  • I kinda hit a brick wall with the iPhone on this one...can't wait to start designing in high res on a 23 inch monitor instead of a 5 inch one haha
  • fractal patch wauw
  • I uploaded a couple new songs using this patch. I finally have a new computer and can now use Audulus on something other than an iPhone! I used the "convert melody to midi" function in Ableton to control the samplers (instead of piping in the straight midi info) to apply a little randomness and groove to the parts. In Hywel Dda, a sweeping filter on the original synth part (the 16th-note pulses that fade in and out in the background) is causing the phrasing to happen, while the distortion is causing errors in the algorithm in Ableton that add up to a jumpy grooviness.
  • Unfortunately it does not servive the conversion to Audulus 3. It disappears after the conversion message is dismissed. Really nice though!
  • Thanks! I'm making a much better and more flexible sequencer than this one based on what I learned building it. I'm basically cloning the Monome, including its open-source philosophy.
  • Any chance you will update for v3?
  • @macromachines - probably not - I have better sequencers in the works :)
  • @robertsyrett @stschoen - ever see this thing? I did this on my iPhone. We've come a long way, baby!
  • What a tease, it's an Audulus 2 patch!
  • @RobertSyrett - I'll recreate it someday :)
  • That is absolutely massive! It’s interesting that you’ve gone from building huge, complex modules to small elegant ones. I find myself doing the same thing. The first sequencer I built had everything but the kitchen sink, chaining, quantized notes, built in BPM clock, note values, triplets, dotted notes, etc. I finally gave up when I realized it was using so much CPU, I probably wouldn’t be able to drive much with it. Truly, less is more.
  • BTW, I’m working on a seven segment display driver if you’re interested. I’ll put it in a little module, how many digits do you think I should do?
  • Well, I think I'll work on a MUCH simpler 4x4 Cartesian sequencer.
  • @stschoen - ooh maybe make it modular so you can have multiple digits? @jdraoul made one a while back too i think. a low-cpu alpha numerical one would be amazing
  • How's the CPU on something like this? Would it be something useful on an iPad in a midi channel? That is, if it were an Audulus 3 patch?
  • @futureaztec

    "How's the CPU on something like this?"

    On iPhone 5c, it was 33% (you can see it in the bottom right of the screen)

    "Would it be something useful on an iPad in a midi channel?"

    This outputs sequences, so we don't yet have MIDI output from Audulus. You could use MIDI to twist the knobs I guess? But it wouldn't be really useful until we have MIDI out to drive other synthesizers.

    "That is, if it were an Audulus 3 patch?"

    It never will be hahaha! Unless someone else wants to remake it. I learned a lot since creating this sequencer and there are easier ways to do what it did that are laid out in better ways. Like I'd prefer all the steps be knobs to they can be modulated, etc.

    And I know I'm contradicting what I said above about remaking it, but phooey.
  • "And I know I'm contradicting what I said above about remaking it, but phooey."

    Yeah, thought I'd hold your feet to the fire...