Trigger the filter envelope with each note?
  • We're talkin' "autowah" here. No, not the Canadian capital, either.

    How can I get an autowah effect? Thoughts?
  • This is usually accomplished with an envelope follower modulating the cutoff frequency of a low pass filter - with a bit of resonance on it, too.
  • I'm definitely a modular noob. The documentation on the env follower seems to be missing. Can someone explain to me what this thing does?
  • Sorry about that! It tracks the overall amplitude of the waveform over time... similar to a peak level meter. Internally actually it has an attack and release which I'll expose as knobs in a future version.

    hope that helps :-)
    - Taylor
  • ahh hah! ok ... got it. thanks!
  • Ohh attack and release would be good for compressors