Allocate notes from polyphonic input to several monophonic outputs
  • I'm trying to think of a way of taking a polyphonic input (e.g. from a MIDI keyboard module) and separating out the individual notes, and sending them out as several monophonic outputs, so I can process each separately. e.g. I might send the notes to the inputs of a seq16 module and make some kind of fancy arpeggiator.

    I feel like there must be a simple way that I'm missing. Can anyone help?

  • @GypsumFantastic, welcome!

    Yes, the PolyToMono node will give you the first four voices of output (is that enough?). You'll need one PolyToMono node hooked up to the Keyboard node's pitch, and one for gate.

    Does that do the trick?

    - Taylor

    EDIT: I meant the QuadToMono node, not PolyToMono. PolyToMono mixes all the voices into one.
  • Thanks Taylor!
    Thanks for the speedy response! I did look at PolyToMono first but the docs made me think it did something else.

    Could you explain a bit further? PolyToMono has only one output connector, so where do I take the four outputs you mentioned?
  • The Poly Pack includes QuadToMono which converts a quad signal into 4 separate monos.
  • It looks like PolyToMono will *merge* the 4 voices, when what you want seems to be a splitting of 4 voices.

    Anything I can think of to accomplish this would be very hackish. But I'm really just a beginner. :)

    Would it be possible to handle multiple keyboard modules with multiple MIDI channel inputs in your case?
  • See, @JDRaoul actually knows what he's talking about. :)
  • YAY!
    Thanks everyone. QuadToMono does exactly what I need! :-)
  • @GypsumFantastic Oh, yes, oops, I meant the QuadToMono node!

  • No, wait! I spoke too soon. When I wire the keyboard up to QuadToMono, and play a four note chord, all the outputs send the same value. Problem not solved :-(

    EDIT: my mistake! Keyboard was set to Legato. Happy again! :-)
  • @Taylor, keyboard nodes output an 8 channel signal when in poly mode. Would it be possible to have a PolyToOcto node? I'm trying to separate each note for a hold pedal workaround I'm working on.