All pass filter?
  • Hi all

    I couldn't seem to find an all pass filter in audulus. (iOS)

    I was thinking I could do with one for making a phaser effect for my synth project.

    Not only that I was going to make a reverb as well as the built in one sounds like reverb inside a metal crate. I know it's only a simple algorithm in the audulus node so I was hoping to make a slighter sweeter sounding one. Is convolution possiblewithout me having to work out the maths expressions etc? That's just not going to be possible for me. Yet! I recently started to learn algebra again so that's how far I have to go..

    Does anyone have a good source I could use for learning the maths for dsp. Or good tutorials on certain aspects of maths like trigonometry or other areas of maths used for dsp. I have been reading up a fair bit but I'm struggling as I don't understand the mathematics. This is a huge problem.

    I have huge knowledge of syntheses, how they work etc. Also I have used synthedit, Reactor etc...

    I'm a quick learner if I have enough information at hand and the odd nudge in the right direction..


  • Hey @Digital, you can use the BiQuad node (DSP -> BiQuad) to create an all-pass filter. Check this out:

    And look under APF :)
  • Thanks Taylor.. Mucho appreciated. Will check that out. :)