iCloud syncing issue between my MacBook Pro and iPad.
  • Problem Solved.
  • Out of curiosity, what was the issue?
  • Hi Taylor.
    When I was creating a patch on my iPad, it was send to iCloud.
    Then, after opening this patch from iCloud on my MacBook Pro, I did some editing on the patch. The changes made where not reflected on the patch on my iPad.
    It seems like syncing thru iCloud was only going from iPad to MacBook and not the opposite way.
    I finally realized what was the problem.
    Nothing to do with Audulus or iCloud.
    On my MacBook, I'm using a software called "Little Snitch".
    It's purpose is to filter outgoing internet connection.
    And it was blocking the syncing process between the Mac and iCloud.
    That's it.
    Now, everything works fine since I turned off the filter.