Help me address Apple's concern about Audulus for Mac!
  • I suggest giving them what they want. Duplicate the in the workspace menu options in a traditional menu. Works for existing users. May help with new users. In theory that is the best solution. Gives apple what they want and keeps the existing workflow. Might be nice if there is a way to hide the top menu. I am an ipad user but the commodity anyone would want more of in audulus is screen real estate.

  • Another iPad user chiming in.
    I think having the node appear in an arbitrary location is the right solution.. Screen center with offsets as you do for paste would be fine. (Can paste also be set for screen center as a user option?)
  • Ha, I chuckled when I read this as it's always been this way! They finally noticed.
    I'm assuming that they are only concerned about the Mac version not the iPad version?
    You could cave in and create a drop down menu that lets one pick new nodes from sub menus?
    I think if they need you to doctor something up for iPad version that would be a shame as the UI shines on the iPad.
  • @Dcramer, yeah I think I'll be able to leave the iPad version alone.

    @devilock76, I'm going to do what you suggest: just add redundant menus. And yeah, the menubar can be hidden on 10.8 or later.

    @JDRaoul, yes we could make new nodes appear at screen center as an option in the prefs. Do you think its always better to have them screen center?

    To solve the selection problem: I think I'm going to have the menus apply to the UI element the user last interacted with. Ableton works this way. I'll draw something around the element to indicate it has the focus.

    A plus for this is that we'll get keyboard shortcuts via the menu bar :-)

    - Taylor
  • Screen center based on current view is fine. Particularly with copy and paste. New nodes it might be slightly annoying as I try to aim for where I intend to place it. But i consider it not a big deal.

  • As far as paste goes, I'd rather it never pasted out of the current view ie, off screen.
  • Taylor,
    What about placing some sort of a screen marker or cursor as to where the "paste" or "new node" will appear...I have often wished this was the case for "paste" anyway, as small pastes often get lost in busy patches and, as JDRaoul mentioned, even appear off screen, particularly when they were originally copied from another patch and one can not anticipated as to where they will show up.
    I do hope, as inferred above, they are only referring to the Mac, as I do not want drop down menus screwing up this nice intuitive iPad UI....but some sort of a placement cursor would still help here, particularly on pastes that were copied from another patch.
  • What about when a user selects a command from the drop down menu, which would result in a node placement, the node to be placed is initial tracking with the mouse pointer moments after the menu's disappearance and not yet placed. The user then moves the mouse pointer/node to the desired location and then sets it in the right location with a second mouse click? That would emulate an interaction where the user "peels" the node off of the menu command and drags to the location for placement.

    Its just the reverse of how it works now. In the current mode, a user picks the location first, then navigates the menu to pick the node type. In the menu based alternate mode the user first navigates the menu to pick a node type and then picks the location.
  • @robinbenjamins, your idea makes me think of a drag and drop palette of nodes. That could be quite nice.

    @BTL, good point. I wonder if a single click on the background could set the cursor?
  • @Taylor,
    Yes...I like both ideas....drag a and drop nodes as well as the single click cursor placement.
  • @BTL, cool. I'm going to try to keep the changes to a minimum to satisfy Apple though, and then iterate on it later.