Who wants Audulus for iPhone?
  • If you do, post below! and let me know which phone you have. Also feel free to elaborate about why you'd like Audulus on your iPhone :-)

    - Taylor
  • I can't picture it. My fingers are too fat, my eyes are too weak. There would be to much zooming in and out. Perhaps some people would find a sort-of player useful, where controls are accessible but not cabling and node-creation/manipulation. But those people can make their own case.
  • I've been pondering about this for some time. Whenever sub-patch ui will be released the iphone app could be a "simple" player of audulus patches.

    I make a lot of drone-pattern-synths-patches like http://m.soundcloud.com/distpedal/what-dreams-may-sound
    Beeing able to open them in iphone and just listen would be wonderful. If I could control any of the parameters it could almost work as a RJDJ type of app.
  • +1 for Audulus player with some basic tweaking of some parameters.
  • I have iPhone 4s and will have full functional Audulus on my phone for testing small ideas.

    Sometimes I have an idea on the go, but can not try it... When I reach my computer, the idea may be lost.
  • I do, I do!! Right now I use Audulus as an AU plugin in Logic 9 > X, but would love to be able to use Audulus on my iPhone 4S 64GB to test ideas and patches. Yes, the real estate is limited but can be navigated by using reduce and expand finger swipes which would work fine. I accept the limitations of the small screen. I create a lot on my iPhone with all the apps I have and link them via Audiobus. It all works well. I prefer the iPhone's portability to the iPad's increase in screen size. If I need to hook up a keyboard I can, but it's usually not needed. The iPhone iOS is all about portability and access and I never leave home without it.

    If offered, my money is ready and has been for awhile.

    btw, Taylor, Audulus AU works well with older macs.
  • I have an iPhone 5 and I like to have a Little Audulus player in my jeans, but is cool to create something too :)
  • I have an iphone 5. Yes, the pinching and zooming would be a pain. Maybe it would be easier with a zoom function something like google maps: double tap & hold/slide to zoom in or out.

    I would love to be able to experiement while on the bus or killing time while I am away from home. I would also love running my guitar through audulus while jamming on the couch, too.
  • I have an iPhone 4. I think it will be great to have Audulus on iPhone. Imagin, built your patch on iPad or Mac and take on stage your instrument or midi controller and phone. Very mobile.
  • The beauty of Audulus for the iPhone would be working with the new features in sub patches. Being able to create a sub patch with exposed controls would let us create Audulus pedals. Imagine a sub patch with controls filling the whole iPhone screen, while much of the crazy patch is hidden away. Maybe some way to "focus" a sub patch to lock it on the iPhone screen?
  • I can't help but thinking that if there is a version for iPhone it would be best to tap into allowing someone to program controllers to respond to the accelerometer.