MonoToStereo crashes GarageBand (FIXED)
  • Hi,
    quite new with Audulus (first day of use) and new to this forum, I wonder, if I do something wrong with the use of the MonoToStereo utility?
    First I tried to connect it directly between all nodes and the output node and it crashes. (Also in other positions)
    So, is there a certain place, where it has to go?

    (MacBook Pro, 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, Mac OSX 10.8.4)
  • Hey Orpheus, welcome to the Audulus forum!

    I've fixed that bug :-). The fix will be in the next release. It usually takes Apple a week to review the stand-alone and iPad versions, but I will release a new Audio Unit very soon.

    - Taylor
  • Great! Thanks! :)
  • ouch! Another bug maybe?:

    I used the standalone app and when I switch the keyboard node to poly, it crashes.
    Can this be confirmed?

    It's just a simple setup: keyboard - OSC - ADSR - output node....

    Tried it also like this:
    creating the keyboard node, then switching to poly mode (which works until here), then connecting to OSC, then to ADSR, and then, when connecting to output, it crashes.
  • Yes, that's the same bug. You'll need a PolyToMono node to convert to mono before connecting to output.

    The bug is that with the new engine in 2.2, connecting a polyphonic signal to an output node will crash.
  • I see.... OK, I'll wait for the next update. :)
  • OP, farting crosswise crashes GB, sadly :(

    I've had such poor experiences with it that I gave up on it entirely. My HDD space thanked me :D
  • @Orpheus, @odoyle -- BTW fix is submitted to Apple :-). Their review usually takes a week.

    Sorry about this bug! There were a few bugs with the new engine we didn't catch in Beta, but they've all been really easy to fix :-)

    - Taylor