Audio ARP
  • Audio ARP is an effect that takes audio input and uses it to trigger oscillators with MIDI note input. Send a mix of two sounds into Audio ARP and set the first sound so that it’s just below the threshold for triggering. Control the other audio source in the mix with the same MIDI chords as Audio ARP. Designed for keyboard tracking.

    On iOS in AUM, I put Audulus in an effect slot in a bus channel, loop a file player send its output to the bus for Audulus with the threshold set just below the triggering point, have another channel with a synth to be triggered via MIDI with just enough of its output sent to the bus with Audulus so it triggers when played. The final channel sends MIDI to the synth and Audulus.

    I’m sure I’ve abused and misused some of the SVG icons in the patch. Inside the patch there is a mic input already.

    At the time of posting, the screen shot previews didn’t display correctly but they do display as expected when you select them.

  • Here’s a patch where the audio input shapes the output of the oscillators triggered by MIDI input. You can combine a melody and a rhythm.
    1024 x 768 - 131K
    NoteBeat v1.0.audulus
  • Modified the patch icons for the Note Beat patch that allows you to combine 4 voice MIDI input with an audio source to mix both sources together. This is similar to the Sparkle app but uses Audulus oscillators in a synth to create the final sound rather than blending two audio sources together. The screen shots show it inside AUM used as an effect. The audio from the Vatanator drum app is sent to the Audulus patch while Rozeta Rhythm is sending MIDI.

    Adjusting the envelope controls will significantly alter the rhythm applied to the MIDI sequence sent to the patch. The wave forms in the main module show how the patch detects the segments where the sound is rising and how they’re used to create envelopes for the oscillators in the patch.

    I do like the idea of being able to use icons to make the GUI for patches more compact to minimize any dependence upon a particular language.

    1024 x 768 - 738K
    1024 x 768 - 281K
    NoteBeat v1.1.audulus
  • Those custom icons are amazing, well done!