Is there a robust MIDI input module?
  • I want to modulate parameters in modules with mod wheel information. Am I missing something?
  • Mod wheels usually send MIDI CC1. You should be able to take a knob and “learn” the mod wheel. Note that knobs and triggers do not currently support MIDI in the plug-in, only in the standalone version.
  • "Note that knobs and triggers do not currently support MIDI in the plug-in, only in the standalone version."

  • I’m hoping that this will be fixed soon :)
  • @stschoen @futureaztec - that will be fixed in the course of the MIDI overhaul to the AUv3 - developing it for iOS and Mac is something that happens simultaneously. I'm really hoping we can integrate it soon in Live, especially, where you can tap on a knob in Audulus and have it show up as a modulateable parameter within Audulus.
  • I’ve been playing with my son’s new Push controller and it would be really neat to be able to use it to control Audulus. We built a harmonic reverb in Audulus last night and were running it in Live as a plug-in and it would have been great to be able to map the knobs
  • @stschoen - There's a way that we could use the Push 2's SDK to allow Audulus to light lights, give screen feedback, and more. It's part of why I bought one - not sure how soon that would happen if at all, but it's definitely a possibility.
  • It would be great to have that level of interaction. It would also be great if Audulus could send MIDI CC’s on knobs and triggers as well as receive them. It would allow external controllers to sync with the knobs dynamically. I haven’t looked at the Push SDK, but it’s obviously very powerful. Have you played around with Max for Live to see how it interacts with the Push? I’ve been very impressed with my son’s Push but he’s still just getting started with Abletjon and hasn’t done anything with Max. I suggested he would be better off starting with Audulus, it looks like it probably has a shorter learning curve.
  • This seems like as good a time as any to bring up the midi cc being in the knob. I was using the digitakt to sequence some parameters and I noticed that it sounded slewed rather than stepped. I grabbed a waveform node and took a look. I think there is some motion smoothing going on with the knob? This might be a compelling reason to have a separate midi cc node.
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  • Yeah, I remember you showing me this the other day. Looks like there’s some kind of low pass filter on the knob MIDI input. It might be a good thing for the most part since it would minimize stair-stepping, but there are certainly times when it’s not desirable. I’m in favor of keeping MIDI on the knobs and triggers, but dedicated MIDI I/O would add an enormous amount of flexibility. Interfacing with eurorack is handled pretty well with the ES-8 but MIDI is available on almost all musical equipment these days. (Besides I want to trigger my BeatBuddy from Audulus :) )
  • I used to have a Push 2 and thought that having "MIDI learn" and visual feedback would important. I sold the push 2 at a $400 loss 6 months later. I found that programming with a mouse was much better for me. Sure, you could learn how to use the Push 2 as a controller, and the sequencing feedback and velocity sensitive pads are nice, but I found that there was a bit of a mechanical feel coming out of the music. I tend to be more interested in sound design than sequencing 4x4 house.

    Having spent a small amount of time with Audulus I feel like I am kind of looking in on someone else's project, skimming forums for bits I might take. The idea of heavy modular sequencing also doesn't interest me too much -- building a giant patch that performs tracks (just my taste -- I like to build things I can play). I like things like the DFAM DIY because it is one element in a larger composition. But I have yet to find a synth on this forum that has interested me -- maybe someone can drop me a hint.

    What I think this scene could really use is a user library separate from the forum, similar to Reaktor. In the Reaktor community I have enjoyed collecting the user module blocks over the past few years and rigging them up from the "instrument browser." You basically build a catalogue of components. Then everyone hooks each others parts up in different ways and you get some nice surprises. I have made some generative stuff, but as far as iOS goes I think that focusing on minimal midi controlled arrangements that could be utilized as an AUv3 synth or effect would be a smart way to go.

    The sales pitch being: "Hey Audiobus guys, buy this app and you can design your of AUv3's for your iPads." That would be a pretty big deal.
  • "But I have yet to find a synth on this forum that has interested me -- maybe someone can drop me a hint."

    @futureaztec My favorite standalone synth module that has been added to the forum so far is @RobertSyrett 's take on the 0-Coast, the 1-Toast:
  • I like the 1-Toast and also the Curvature models @biminiroad put together. I agree that a separate user library would be a big improvement. @biminiroad has done a heroic job consolidating and organizing the current "factory" collection, but there's no practical way for him to include everything that's been posted, even if that was desirable. Update and bug fixes are also a problem. I would love to see a place where we could contribute modules and patches, and document and update them in a more organized fashion. I know that they've heard us and are considering the best approach so hang tight.
  • "But I have yet to find a synth on this forum that has interested me -- maybe someone can drop me a hint."

    Help me out, what synths interest you?
  • @futureaztec on iOS stand-alone or in IAA, you can send CC to modulate knobs in Audulus 3. You can use notes as MIDI on/off triggers. In IAA hosts you can already use Audulus 3 in the effects slot. Most of the modular patches are monophonic rather than stereo. To work as an IAA effect, you just connect a speaker node to the audio inputs of the modules and the output to output modules.

    I’ve found lots of useful filters, distortion, delay, and other effects posted here. You should check out the uModules if you already haven’t.

    Taylor, the Audulus developer, is already working on having it run as an AU on iOS.
  • "But I have yet to find a synth on this forum that has interested me -- maybe someone can drop me a hint."

    Help me out, what synths interest you?

    I like expressive/low CPU stuff. So far the playable synth patches I have tried only seem to produce rudimentary sine/saw/triangle mixes with some LFO reverberations that don't transpose across the keyboard well. I am sure I am missing something but there is such a hunt without a central patch library and many ensembles don't come with presets so it is hard to know what might be possible. I want to hook up my midi keyboard and try out some awesome synths that won't throttle my CPU. I would totally appreciate any suggestions. I bought the app because Richard Devine was quoted praising it. I am sure it will stat to open up for me soon.
  • The 1-toast was the first thing I grabbed. Very cool. I do like the sound of the curvature micro. I am just starting to crack into things. So interesting...