Anyone have Bluetooth Controllers? Have you tried them with Audulus?
  • I'm interested in how well Audulus is playing well with Bluetooth controllers. Since my ES-8 is taking up my USB input, I want something that's bluetooth for changing sequencer steps and whatnot. I know some people have had trouble with Bluetooth audio and Audulus (working on it) but wondering if it's the same for controllers.

    Any suggestions for good controllers would be great as well! Not interested so much in having a keyboard, more a control surface with buttons and faders and knobs.
  • As an alternative, you might be able to use a powered hub with both the ES-8 and a MIDI controller. I know you can’t use two audio interfaces but I think you can use an audio interface and MIDI controller. I’ll test it with my Focusrite and NanoPad. In another thread Robert mentioned using a nanoKey with a Korg Bluetooth adapter
  • @stschoen - thanks for the info! I didn't know you could use hubs like that. Now to see if I have a powered one anywhere around...
  • Roland A-01 and Korg nanoKey controllers both work really well while the iPad is plugged into the ES-8. The only caveat is that I have to use Korg's Gadget app to recognize the controller then switch back over to Audulus.
  • I checked it out using a powered hub, my 6 in/6 out channel Focusrite Scarlett6i6 and a Korg nanoPad2, and it works just fine. Input and output from the 6i6 both work and the nanoPad sends MIDI to Audulus. Nothing running on the iPad except Audulus.
  • I have a CME xKey Air 25 key that I can try Audulus with when I get home. My email notifications are also letting me know I may have an Expert Sleepers ES-8 awaiting for me as well :-D
  • If you have the option, I would personally recommend the wired hub rather than Bluetooth. No point in introducing additional latency into the system. (Besides, what's one more wire!)
  • After a bit of research, I just decided to make a DIY controller that fits into the bottom 1u of my rack! Will use it for sequencing most likely. Just ordered some illuminated pots so that when we get MIDI out, I can send light on/off messages to the pots as well.
  • I thought I'd tried this, but I guess I hadn't, since I was thinking about getting a BT controller as well... Thanks for reminding me! Had a quick test with an old powered usb hub and looks like everything works. ES8 is receiving the Audulus stuff and Audulus is receiving MIDI from the controller (tried an LPK25 and an Arturia Minilab). Sweet!
  • What are you going to use for the CPU? I've been interested in building a MIDI Hammer Dulcimer controller for quite some time and I've selected a dedicated MIDI processor from Livid Instruments called the Brain. It might be overkill for something that will fit in 1U, but the brain Jr. might be just what the doctor ordered. Very flexible, USB powered, and already programmed for MIDI. 16 analog inputs, 16 digital and 16 LED outputs
  • That's right @RobertSyrett!! It actually took until today to be delivered so I have to make it through work and then I can break it in. @biminiroad I like the idea of your 1U DIY controller. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  • @stschoen - thanks for the tip! I just reached out to them :) This is what the current incarnation of the rig looks like - making space for possibly two rows of 8 knobs or sliders (if they come small enough) + some buttons
    5184 x 3456 - 5M
  • That' s really starting to look awesome! Something else to consider if you've got room. The analog inputs can take an FSR (force sensitive resistor) similar to the touch sensitive pads in many MIDI controllers (like my nanoPad). A couple of pads wouldn't hurt. I've been having a blast playing using mine for percussion and driving an up/down ramp (slew module) to sweep filters and oscillator pitch. An X-Y pad is also a possibility.