There is a bug with OSC or with mapper node
  • Hello Taylor,

    While testing a Mapper node I have found a bug. Look at the picture - there is a click. I think something wrong with OSC or with Mapper.
    Additionally, the mapper example updated by me as shown in picture now crashes Audulus on iPad.
  • Hey whitemix, I think what you're seeing there is the Osc quickly going back from +.5 to -.5, but still hitting zero along the way very briefly, which is why you see (and hear) that spike. To avoid aliasing, the wave is smoothed out a bit.

    Of course, it shouldn't crash so I'll look into that!

    Thanks for letting me know!
    - Taylor
  • Ok, but I think antialiasing is not good for some cases. What if I want to use sawtooth wave as a phase source for my OSC Expressions (see the picture for example)? Ok, I can use triangle, but may be it is reasonable to have a choice between antialiased and pure (unfiltered) versions of OSC?
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  • @whitemix, excellent point. Do you think it would be good to have a separate node for a phasor (aliased sawtooth oscillator)? One thing you can do is use a timer node that is reset periodically.

    - Taylor
  • I've been using the timer node for these kinds of things with good results.
  • Taylor, yes, please! Phasor node will be good, just what I have in my mind :)
  • @Dcramer, you right, timer can be used, but Phasor node makes things so much simpler!