Midi CC per channel
  • Is there a way to differentiate midi cc coming from a sequencer as originating from different channels?
  • Are you talking about the CCs you can assign to knobs? Cause of course there's the keyboard node that has a channel selector, but if you're talking about mapping the knobs directly, I'd have to ask Taylor about that.
  • Yeah, the digitakt has 8 midi cc per a channel that you can sequence, so theoretically you could sequence 64 parameters over 64 steps. Seems like cc per channel would be a good thing to expand in the midi update.
  • Ok cool, will add this to the feature requests - but first, can you think of what the UI would be for it? Currently you just tap and twist, but it seems like you'd need a separate submenu.
  • I guess it would be a midi cc node with channel and midi cc# being the two inputs.
  • Oh a whole separate node? What about knobs though where you can directly assign a CC? It would be klunky to have to have a new node for each knob just so you could assign the CC to another channel
  • Just for grins I decided to test it to be sure. Audulus must be set for all channels for CC messages. I programmed two switches on my pedal, one for channel 1 CC1 and one for channel 2 CC1. I set up two knobs and assigned them to the first and second switches. They both responded to CC1 regardless of channel. I wouldn't change the interface. If it's possible I think the knob should save the channel as well as the CC message when it's in learn mode. Of course if you had a general purpose midi-in node that had a channel number similar to the keyboard node, that would also work. I would love to see CC messages assignable to knobs and triggers, and PC messages bound to some type of preset system. If you could save a patch's knobs and trigger settings and bind them to a PC, you would be able to change presets very quickly.
  • @stschoen, yeah I figured out pretty quickly you had to be in midi all mode for the midi cc mapping to work.

    @biminiroad I think there is room for both midi learn and a midi cc node, just like there is mic and speaker nodes while there is also adc and dac nodes. Making a node where the channel and cc info are inputs allows for modulation of the inputs, which is where Audulus could bring something to the table.
  • Ah I see what you mean! I'll add this as a feature request :)
  • Looking forward to see Mac AU midi cc mapping soon!
  • + 1 cnopcadav.
    Been waiting for that one for a long time now.
  • That will happen sometime along with the AUv3 update for iOS since the AU will be more unified between platforms.

    @blues4dog @cnopcadav
  • Can I do this or not: manually assign a cc signal to a knob? My midi controller does not allow midi learn. Where is the documentation for the midi functionality? I won’t buy until I have a clear answer. (Easy as pie to do this in Reaktor.)


  • @frijitz - Unfortunately, no - if you'd like to chime in on this thread with that and any other MIDI features that would attract you to buy Audulus, please do! We're about to do an overhaul of MIDI for Audulus, so that could be on the docket if it's a priority for you.

  • @frijitz - just curious - what controller is it?
  • Thanks for the prompt response! It’s a custom designed/built wind controller. I programmed it so it doesn’t put out any midi data unless you are blowing into it. So Learn only can capture the breath pressure sensor. Maybe not a great idea after all, since a number of app developers seem to prefer midi learn.

  • You could run it through something like MidiFire to filter out the breath CC, allowing Audulus to learn the other CCs.
  • Thanks, orand, I’ll look into that solution.