Drifting Gateable Quantizer
  • This is the gateable quantizer patch with a little addition - you can dial in a random pitch variation post-quantizer to get a psuedo-microtuned effect. It's a very quick 'n' easy way to get that warbly analog feel! Honestly, I think this demo patch is one of the fattest-sounding, most analog patches I've made yet, and it's mostly thanks to this detuning.

    @Rudiger this would be of particular interest to you - I was inspired when thinking about your microtonal quantizer patches and thought this would be a fun simple way to add that "feel" to a quantizer without needing to tweak a lot of parameters.

    The maximum detune is a semitone, and the knob is scaled exponentially.
  • @biminiroad Nice patch! The small differences in conjunction with the phaser certainly do the trick. I’d still be interested in a real ‘drift’ with the same kind of simplicity though :-) Increased detuning as one gets to the higher and lower extremes could also be interesting to try.
  • @biminiroad Here’s an A/B tryout with your 1D Chaos module taking the place of the S&H in quantizer A and your original S&H version in quantizer B.
    BR Strange Drift Gateable Quantizer AB Demo RM.audulus
  • @biminiroad The changes in tuning in the A/B tryout above depend on a stream of notes coming into the quantizer. I was curious to try out a version in which your 1D chaos module could alter the tuning on a held chord, for example. In this version an internal LFO keeps the chaos curve moving even when the external gate is held. When the external gate changes switches off the curve gradually settles, to be picked up at the same point on the next external gate trigger.
    BR Strange Drift Gateable Quantizer RM.audulus
  • Here’s a version in which I’ve tried applying the 1D Chaos drift directly to a VCO instead of applying it after the quantizer.

    It works quite nicely but I realized that with a held chord for example, all the notes would fluctuate up and down in parallel, and so I thought I’d have go at splitting up the polyphony so that the individual notes would each fluctuate independently, also with slight variations in volume. It’s still a bit rough – I haven’t completely figured out the polyphonic retriggering of the envelopes for example – but a start.
    2224 x 1668 - 1M
    RM Drift VCOs.audulus
  • Short note since hand hurts - theres a bug in polyphony that doesnt properly retrigger the adsr, so don’t worry about that at the moment - will let you know when thats fixed. @rudiger
  • Ok, thanks, good to know.

    Hope your hand heals quickly. Ouch!
    Suppose it could be worse than a little finger if one wants to look on the bright side :-)