Display x Amount Of Digits After Truncate
  • When displaying a value, truncating, and exposing, is there a way to get the display to display 0.90 instead of 0.9?
  • You can mask off the extra digit with an svg box, although i admit that isn't fool proof.
  • I want the extra zero in .90
  • I make a 4 digit number to fix in a box, say 1.234. I want to display 1.000 and not 1 when it gets to 1.

    Otherwise the numbers have uneven spacing in the box.
  • @eall123 I don't think you can do what you want. The only variable data type in Audulus that I know of is a double-precision floating point number. To get what you want you'll need a string of some sort, and there isn't one of those.
  • I should say I’m using the Truncate patch as well.

    Value > Truncate > Expose
  • I’ll make a patch to show what I mean.
  • Soo... this would totally be a hack, but you could build a subpatch that splits out each significant digit and renders it as text, exposed.

    Something like the attached..
    20171114 - formatting hack.audulus
    20171114 - formatting hack.audulus 2017-11-14 16-45-23.png
    378 x 244 - 13K
    20171114 - formatting hack.audulus 2017-11-14 16-46-05.png
    617 x 375 - 50K
  • Ha. Nice hack. Thanks, I’ll see if I can adapt that.
  • yeah you’d want to split the digits - so for 0.91 youd do

    floor(x*10)-> value = 9
    fract(floor(x*100)/10)*10 -> value = 1

    fract(x) returns the fractional component of a number and will help in combo with floor
  • Example:
    2732 x 2048 - 355K
  • Sweet. Thanks guys.