Help Wanted: How to Phase Shift Triangle & Saw Wave?
  • So I'm trying to build versions of phase shifting LFOs for triangle and saw out of the phasor node. Attached are the phase shifting versions of the sine and square LFO. The sine LFO is easy, and the square is easy to derive from the sine.

    What I don't understand is how to phase shift the saw or triangle. If you can phase shift the saw, you can easily phase shift all the rest that are based on it.

    Any ideas?
  • If you already have a triangle/saw LFO that works with the Phasor, you can phase shift the phasor itself with an expression: mod(x+shift*pi, 2*pi)
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  • @jjthrash - thank you! I knew it had something to do with modulo, but didn't know how to implement it. Very grateful :)
  • My pleasure! :)