Chebyshev VCO
  • This is a sine-based VCO that uses Chebyshev polynomials to create harmonics. It's a kind of additive VCO but gets by with only one Oscillator node, using polynomial equations to create the higher harmonics.

    It's got a very squishy sound, possibly my new fav for basses.

    T1-6 control the volume of the fundamental through the 5th harmonic. The T stands for transfer, I think - correct me if I'm wrong. I just read it off this chart.

    These controls are hooked up to a VCO mixer that @robertsyrett made, so the volume stays balanced. It does, however, create an asymmetrical output signal.

    The overdrive-looking control mixes the overall mix with the fundamental - nice way to dial in your harmonic structure then slowly add back the fundamental relative to the other harmonics.

    There's an octave and fine tune control as well as a linear FM input.
  • That's a pretty awesome oscillator, it reminds me of one of the modes in Braids actually. I like the way it sounds with the triangle and saw wave settings as well, square wave sounds the same but a little muffled.

    BTW I was wondering if it would be possible to make a spectral tilt to this oscillator a la the verbos harmonic oscillator?
  • @RobertSyrett - Thanks! Can you explain the spectral tilt a little?
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  • @RobertSyrett - gotcha - I'll take a look at adding that functionality tomorrow :)