Basic question: patch controls
  • I've grouped a patch and it automatically displays the inputs and outputs, but none of the controls in the sub-patch. I can't figure out how add knobs to be mapped to the controls in the sub patch. What am I missing?
  • Tap or click the controls inside your sub patch and choose expose :)
  • Input, Output, and Knob nodes are automatically exposed. Everything else must be explicitly exposed with a tap/right click and "expose." Not everything can be exposed, but everything that's useful to be exposed is exposable.
  • Ok, I created a patch and highlighted what I wanted to group. After grouping, I have only and input and an output. I go back into the group, tap a control and I get "Set min", "Set maz", "Set Value", "Learn Midi CC". No "expose". I've got about 10 knobs and none are automatically exposed. Inside the group, I have some basic controls like output volume and mix. Also, there are other groups. The "tape warble" module, delay, wave fold distortion, tube limiter are all in the group I'm having trouble with.

    Also, I had some knobs being controlled dynamically by enveloped and after grouping they lost their connection to the env follower. It won't let me connect them up again.

    Just trying to provide any clues that might expose that I'm on a different page than you guys.
  • @Sabicas - maybe this patch helps you to understand how it works.
  • @Sabicas If you are still having trouble, go ahead and upload your patch.
  • I figured it out. I was expecting to be able to expose knobs on basic elements, such as the "level" node. Once I connected a second knob to control it 'remotely', grouping exposed all of the knobs I had set up this way.
  • Yes, not all knobs are created equal. Only the Knob node will be exposed. Level node, Constant, and nodes like Delay will remain hidden at the top level of the abstraction.