Curvature Micro
  • I'm going to do a quick livestream here at 6pm EST today to just go over the basic functions of this synth so I have a video tutorial to post about it. Still working on making the insides look pretty!
  • now that looks much easier for ppl who are absolut beginners :) I already thought that the big one is a bit to overwhelming for starters...
  • @Phal_anx - yeah this one will be more for the absolute synthesis beginner, whereas the other will be more for the modular synthesis beginner who already knows about regular synths!
  • @biminiroad - good choice to make a smaller version!
  • Here's the livestream patch I was just making! Thanks for everyone who tuned in. I'll make a separate topic for that livestream when it's been processed by YouTube.

    Curvature Micro VMS20 Livestream Patch.audulus
  • Good livestream, the micro looks like a lot of fun in a small package. Thanks for all the hard work.
  • I've been playing around with the micro this morning and I thought you might like this.
    Curvature Micro with bass line.audulus
  • @stschoen that's awesome! Great use of your sequencer too :)
  • I love the flexibility of the both the curvatures. It makes it very easy to play around and try new ideas. Great sound!
  • @stschoen thank you! They're all made possible by lots of awesome modules that other people have made, too! Standing on the shoulders of giants as they say...
  • I know you're kind of snowed under with documentation at the moment, but are you planning to write some kind of guide to the Curvature synths? I'm sure there's much more under the surface than is apparent. I like the icons and they make the design very compact, but some of it's a bit obscure (they seemed so obvious at the time). Maybe just a screen shot with some callouts to label things. Guess I need to re-watch the livestreams.
  • @stschoen - yes I will, but what I did in the meantime was the walkthrough for the micro on the tutorial livestream:

    They will be documented thoroughly inside the patches as well, node-by-node. I'm cracking a little bit at it each day. I was just tidying up the AR portion today.
  • really love these standalone synths !!
  • @FSK1138 - thanks! More are coming :)