Audulus Color Palette
  • I thought it might be useful to have the RGB values for some of the colors in Audulus:
    green (knobs,LEDs etc.): r:31 g:239 b:128
    red (input) : r:212 g:20 b:90
    blue (output) : r:0 g:133 b:222
    gray (frames) : r:91 g:147 b:159
  • Great stuff! I actually made a swatch for my self when playing around with svg's in Illustrator. Can be loaded in photoshop as well. It has a couple more colors, like text, background and the lightblue color when a knob is wired.
  • I did the same thing in Affinity Designer. I'm running Adobe CS5 and it's starting to get a bit flakey, so I've mostly stopped using Illustrator.
  • Oh I can imagine. I was on cs6 until a couple of months ago and even that is aging quite fast now.