• Hello everyone !

    I'm currently working on my first string model, based on docs i've seen online + different models from the community
    i really like the sound of it so far, but i have just one problem: the sound is really dissonant and i don't know why :/

    i hope that you can help me, so i can fix this algorithm and create what i have in mind !

    have a good day
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  • @RobertSyrett - not to mention the Noise node! It looks like Nomak hasn't updated Audulus 3 since it came out! :)
  • Man, I really love the tone of these vintage nodes. They just don't make them like that anymore.
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  • oh no i uploaded audulus, but for some reason the old div node made more sense to me for that specific task while i was doing it. Thanks for the expr @RobertSyrett
    but we still have that dissonance problem
  • Wubbalubbadubdub!


    I think deciphering these will help with the chromatic tuning of your patch as well.
  • Thanks ! but if we're talking about pure maths i'm closer from Jerry than Rick unfortunately hahaha
  • that being said, i've never heard of the word "deciphering" once in my entire life
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  • I'm more of a Mr Poopybutthole :p

    It may take a while of staring into the sun, but I think we can hammer out a keyboard octave pitch tracking.
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  • :p hehehe

    yes don't we have simpler options ?
    oh, the chromatic scale is back when i simply use the delay's feedback
    String_model 2.audulus
  • i also noticed that the G always pop out more than the rest of the notes
    is it a design problem, or just my keyboard ?
  • also i don't think i'll keep the bipolar noise,
    just a matter of personal taste,
    the typical KS is not what i was looking for here
    removing it make my patch more guitar-like sounding !
  • Oh wow! I wonder why using an external feedback changes the octave scaling. I see what you mean about the polarity making the sound more guitar-like. The problem I encounter is that if you grab a handful of notes, it straight clips and the sound drops out.

    But if you use the feedback in the node, how can you put the filter in the signal path?
  • Yeah that really surprised me as well, i don't really understand why but sometimes, if it works, it works, wether you understand everything that you do, or simply use the right amount of fleeb juice !

    (the non rick and Morty fans here must be scratching their heads btw haha)

    for the feedback dampener i might just use a regular filter+adsr
    cause that will give us more control over the final sound depending on the
    type of strings we want, but yeah we have to fix the clipping problem tho

  • or limit the polyphony but, that would be frustrating
  • Oooohwee!
  • Turns out, the clipping was only a matter of gain, that i reduced using a simple level at the output of the filter #lol

    ok i now i fixed a bunch of things, and added more controls, i still have to work on the velocity, it's not working properly when the keyboard is set to polyphonic, but that's a good start i guess

    String_model 2.audulus
  • and the G that is still brighter than the other ones
  • oups, a little fix for the "bow" parameter
    String_model 3.audulus
  • I am currently taking a graduate level course on the physics of musical instruments and as a final project I will be physically modeling some instruments and hope to include complexities such as thermo-viscous losses and damping properties of certain materials. A lot of complex math involved, so I hope I have enough computer resources to pull it off! I will report back!
  • @Joel_M_Peel Awesome! Please post your research as you go, that it a journey I would love to watch.
  • very nice!! @Nömak
  • Thanks !

    That's only the first prototype
    I'll get back at it soon and try to improve it a bit
    I'm thinking about turning it into a sort of MIDI
    controlled resonator with maybe an envelope follower routed to the dampener so the louder the signal, the brighter the sound, like a real guitar

    Wow @Joel
    That's really interesting, i def would want to watch the process as well, i started an online course on that too, but rarely have time to follow it :/
  • Thanks Nomak this is great! Gonna put this in the forum patch collection with the others :)
  • Also i want to turn this effect into a resonator
    i tried to control an audio effect via MIDI in Ableton, couldn't do it
    is there a way to do it properly in Audulus ?
  • @Nömak not yet - it's not a feature that exists in the AU right now (not a bug, that is). Taylor has his sights on updating it though! It's a little complicated when knobs could show up as inputs in Ableton but they can also be internally modulated - just have to figure out what to do about that.
  • at least for now, enabling the control of the Keyboard node would be ideal
  • @Nömak Can you explain this a little? The keyboard node should work...perhaps its set to a different MIDI channel and not matching up with the track you're using?
  • hmm i tried to find a way to control the pitchshifter node via Midi but can't really figure out how to do so
  • @Nömak hmm I'll look into this - I'm assuming you have a MIDI controller with a pitchbend wheel and it's not registering it in the plugin?
  • no i'm trying to set the pitch on the chromatic scale and controlling it via keyboard if that makes sense
  • @Nömak Can you upload a screenshot of what you're doing so I can repro? Thanks!
  • unfortunately i didn't save that patch, but if you have any ideas on how to do it
    maybe for a new patch

    but going back on the string model, i just want to find a way to be able to play it
    as a audio effect like i can play it as a synth
  • so i can replace the random node by an audio input, the audio would basically be my
    generator and the string model my resonator
  • i made a really quick patch in tassman4 just to show you what i mean
    here we have an input signal going into a Resonator, midi controlled by a polyphonic keyboard node, and then going into the mixer/output

    Capture d’écran 2017-09-19 à 14.32.31.png
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  • Ah ok so I'm opening the v3 patch and I'm seeing a keyboard node - but you want audio to come in where the noise is here?

    You can't use both the keyboard input and the audio input in the same track, unfortunately, because it's got to be a MIDI instrument or an audio effect.
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  • oh, and there's no way to capture audio via the MIDI instrument audio unit ?
  • Unfortunately, no, not that I know of - it's not a limitation of Audulus, but of the way Live handles audio/MIDI tracks as separate. Unless I'm mistaken and some other program can do this in Live?
  • It's obviously something you can do in the standalone, I just can't envision how to do it in Live...
  • oh ok that's a good news,

    well yeah you can use a vocoder or harmoniser in Ableton,
    Even Autotune can do that, it's pretty much the same concept
    so i'd be surprised that you can't do it on Audulus
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  • none of this works, as an effect i can't get the MIDI output to go to the audio input
    as an instrument i can see and select the audio output
    but when my instrument is nothing but a mic and a speaker
    i can't get the sound to go through it

    plus i get many crashes with the audio effect :/
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