MIDI feature requests for Audulus
  • @biminiroad suggested I start a thread for MIDI features we would like to see in an upcoming Audulus release.
    1. Send and recieve MIDI messages.
    2. MIDI CC message support for triggers.
    3. MIDI tempo support in both directions would be nice in the DAW context.
    4. Ability to import a MIDI file, store it with the patch and play it back.
  • Throwing in MPE MIDI just for completeness!
  • Definitely, Although if Taylor is getting an MPE capable keyboard, I figured it would only be a matter of time. Actually if you could specify a channel for the pitch-bend you would be most of the way there. You can already set up 16 separate keyboard inputs, so you can in theory get the individual MPE notes already. Sixteen separate oscillators might be a bit of a load, although the existing polyphony seems to do pretty well. I've tried two channels each set at 8 note polyphony with no major problems.
  • I think @afta8 did some kind of pseudo MPE with 4 note polyphony? Is that right?
  • How about a midi clock node?
  • i'dd like to build myself a sysex controller. dont think that requires anything other than regular midi transmission, just the messages are different. i'll look into it more.
  • @robertsyrett - thanks for the suggestion that's an obviously good add.

    @eskro - nice! Can you explain that a little? What are they good for?
  • sysex is a language used to control certain rackmount synths, such as the MKS (rackmount versions of jupiter8, junos) series. the original hardware sysex controllers such as PG-300 are rare and can be extremely expensive. in my dreams, my audulus-built α-juno controller also features a little oscilloscope (like a minilogue)
  • ohhh yeah ok i gotcha!
  • +1 on midi sysex!
    Holy moley, that would be amazing in combination with the DAC/ADC nodes.
    I could for instance ... reprogram my FB-01 from within Audulus ... vintage FM madness!
  • Thanks guys! Keep the ideas coming :) What would you want in your ideal world? Reach for the stars and if you miss, you'll float in space endlessly for all time, but at least you'll have Audulus to keep you company.
  • I'd like to second the MIDI CC support idea. I was also going to throw in a request for keyboard aftertouch support, but I suppose that would already be covered with the MPE MIDI support idea. Keep all the sweet updates coming!
  • When you mentioned MPE I thought about the Roli Seaboard - and how you can easily take it, headphones and your iOS device and go playing in the woods. It does connect with bluetooth... so my question is: Is MIDI via bluetooth automatically supported when you talk about MIDI?
    That would be awesome! :)
    What about Ableton Link?
  • i would love to build a sysex controller for my α-Juno synth. it would be nice and easy for people to build their own customized controllers instead of spending $200 - $800 on hardware. the advantage of Audulus is the possibility in integrate audio functions. from what i understand, sysex is quite simple:
    basically you type stuff and the machines respond :)
  • Bumping for sysex!
    I'm having fun using Audulus on iOS with my eurorack via ES-8, and my Novation Launchcontrol XL. Seems to be stable running a usb hub off my powered CCK.

    The Launchcontrol LEDs respond to sysex commands for brightness and colour. This is how the Expert Sleepers FH-1 has built a LC sequencer script

    With so many cool sequencers built in Audulus it would fantastic to hands on control and LED feedback using a controller such as these!

    The Sysex instruction guide is here (Under: Launch Control XL System Exclusive Protocol)