Forum Patch Repository - Updated 9/27/17
  • @Beware - you can't - only iCloud works at the moment. You can also email them to yourself. Taylor's looked into it, and there's nothing he can do to make Drive work - it's something wrong on their end.
  • Is there any other means of cloud integration at all? Windows and iCloud don't seem to get along
  • @Beware @RobertSyrett @SansNom @Nömak (or anyone else reading this) have any of you had success trying sending your patches through iTunes manual file management? I can't seem to get that to work.
  • Just tested it and it works fine however Audulus on the iPad has two locations for storing files. With the "Store Patches in iCloud option enabled, the app's documents directory is on iCloud and the local documents directory seen by iTunes is not displayed. You can still copy files to the local directory but they won't be displayed. If you turn off the option the app switches to the local directory and you will see files loaded through iTunes. When you switch the option on the app moves all the local files to the cloud and when you turn it off it moves the files to the local directory, so if you turn it off and then back on, you will move the files loaded through iTunes to the cloud. If you're on a Mac, its probably simpler to copy them to the iCloud drive directly.
  • I haven't used iCloud for Windows, but when I get a chance I'll give it a shot. @Beware, what kind of problems did you have?
  • I had a chance to install iCloud for Windows this afternoon. It's pretty slow, but I have a pretty old PC. I am running the current version of Windows 10 pro. I had no problem copying or moving Audulus files from iCloud to my PC and back. Probably a better solution than iTunes for Windows if you don't need the rest of iTunes functionality.
  • Another option for Windows users is This is a web-based interface to iCloud which also allows you to access iCloud files from a PC. This approach has the advantage that no additional software is required.
  • Updating this today!!
  • 448 patches!
  • Everything's in the new condensed file format now too (RIP my hands from opening, deleting history, and resaving), but the whole folder is 150MB total now.
  • Thanks for all the hard work!
  • >RIP my hands from opening, deleting history, and resaving

    LOL! I can relate after a long day of drawing.
  • Thanks for the update - and thanks also to the designers!!
  • Thanks for the hard work, Mark!
  • beautiful to see audulus growing. Awesome community everyone just saying hi & keep up the awesome work!
  • Overwhelmingly beautiful work @biminiroad! Thank you!
  • @dantveita - thanks! Another big update to the documentation is right around the corner - people will be psyched for that. Goal is to get it out by the 1st of next month! :)
  • WOW!!! Thanks for all this! Shrinking the size is also very nice. Getting slowly with this toy, it is just a hobby, but what an abyss of headcracking JOY? Wish You All Health and Wealth!
  • @Din_McHine yeah taylor was using a verbose, human-readable format for the files, and now it's way more compressed. You can still translate them back into human-readable for debugging though I think? I'll ask Taylor about it.
  • Feeling there a reason why no Audulus folder is created into my laptop's iCloud folder? I do not have A3, downloaded Audulus a long time ago and now i'd like to get back into it, this repository sounds like a great occasion to do it..should i buy A3???
  • @Drattar - I'm sorry I'm not following - do you have Audulus 2? Also I'm updating this today and adding a bunch more patches! :)
  • Yep, I have A2. The thing is that even after enabling iCloud to store patches, I do not see any dedicated folder in my iC folder, and I can’t access any other folder. Did I tell you I’m feeling stupid? ;-)
  • @Drattar - email me and I'll get you set up with A3 :)
  • Anyone else having trouble downloading the new zip file? I've tried twice to download to Windows, but can't unzip it after the download completes. The downloaded file is 28.15 MB, but I was expecting it to be more like 48MB. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!
  • It downloaded for me on a mac, but when it finished the resulting folder was named Audulus 3 Forum Patch Collection - 2-27-17. (probably a typo)
  • Tried again just now, and it works fine, but it indeed has a filename with 2-27-17. Must have been a bad connection the other day.
  • @biminiroad Thanks for the continued updates to the archive!
  • @stschoen @Bryan58 - I'll fix it now! It was a typo :) @RobertSyrett - of course!~
  • No problem!
  • Another newbie says thanks for this! This is great!
  • @rossominerale - welcome! Have you checked out the uModular collection as well?

  • Yes, good stuff indeed!

    I have seen this has been already discussed in the forum, but I have to admit that I personally find a bit difficult to track the different versions. Are you planning to do a centralised repository for modules/libraries or keep the current system?

    Anyway, the quality of the modules - particularly the ones from the regular contributors - in audulus is simply excellent.
  • @rossominerale - yes, the uModular version is a bit in flux right now. Here's a zip that has everything I've added so far. We're thinking about new ways people could share patches, including a centralized Amazon Cloud storage that people would have access to (for free) that would allow people to share patches with just a download link. This would probably be the first step towards a kind of Git-style or Wiki for patches.
  • @biminiroad Cool, thanks! I have no idea how Amazon Cloud works to be honest, would this have a negative impact on costs of future releases? I think that a combination between Github (which in the case of audulus will have a cost anyway) and forum/patch storage will be excellent. This will give you some control over the quality of contributed libraries and the possibility of having another platform in which individual users can upload random patches. Just an idea, maybe is completely random! :)
  • @biminiroad - Thank you for this. Still trying to wrap my head around it. I see the midi folder in the zip is empty as yet. Is it possible to build a midi-to-cv module to get external midi as cv to these modular auduli? Or am I making it more difficult than it is?

    I am wanting to use AUM to pass external midi to audulus nodes...
  • @bkbelton - what you're looking for is the Keyboard node! You can select the midi channel and polyphony too.
  • @rossominerale - Cloud does cost money, but the patches are so small that storage and bandwidth is not too much. Github/versioning stuff would be great, we have that with Audulus obviously but it's internal only - don't know the logistics of opening that up to the public.
  • @biminiroad unfortunately I am not expert either in such logistics, but it is worth considering what for example Axoloti do. They have a centralised git divided in factory, home and community. You click sync libraries on the Axoloti GUI and that's it. What it seems to me is that they have some trusted contributors in their GIT, which I guess it's the best thing to do to ensure the good quality of the modules. For the rest/random patches they have their forum. I find this combination quite nice, but I am quite new here so I don't know yet all the dynamics of the forum and so on.