Windows installer updated!
  • I just updated the installer to a new version, which includes VST fixes and asks where to install the plugin.

    Direct link:

    Please download and install the new version and email us (support at audulus) if you encounter any problems.

    - Taylor
  • I still can't get midi to the VST. I can use a loopback MIDI and set the standalone as external instrument but that's not what i had in mind. Automation becomes a nightmare. Any suggestions please? OW and THANKS Taylor though it's not quite there yet i can see this is going to be where i create every sound.
  • Hi,

    Link above doesnt work and the one on the front page just times out for me
  • yep, link is down.
  • Before buying, 2 questions:

    Can Audulus run as a hosted vst effect, to be used as a dsp device... ? (would use it in Renoise...)
    Can Audulus run as a hosted vsti in which we supply some MIDI feed ?
    on win7-64

    Thanks in advance,
  • @creepjoint @phil999
    Can you guys give a little info about the browsers and extensions you're using that might be interfering with your downloads? I just tried downloading it in Internet Explorer and Chrome and it works fine, but I don't have any extensions on those browsers.

    Yes, Audulus for Windows has a VST version and will receive MIDI! :)
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  • What is the latest windows version number? At one point I had downloaded 3.1.1 with an installer date of 4/8/2016, but the current download is v3.1.0 dated 3/16/2016.