Demo version, bundle price?
  • Hi,
    new to the forum and very interested in audulus. Although it appears reasonably priced, I think I'd still like to demo the software before forking out.

    Also, if I decided to buy it, it would most likely be for both platforms. Just wondering if a price for ipad and osx versions bundled might make it all the more appealing for others procrastinating like myself.
  • Hey @Unclejambo,

    Thanks for your interest in Audulus! I would definitely offer a discounted bundle if Apple were to allow that and make it relatively easy to do.

    I've been thinking about doing a demo on the Mac side for some time, since I can just offer it as a download from my website. Technically, Apple doesn't allow demos on the App Store, which is why you see a lot of tiered apps (apps with HD or Pro appended to their names). Do you think a save-disabled or a time-limited demo would be the way to go?

    - Taylor

    BTW, if anyone else has opinions about what sort of demo I should offer, please chime in :-)
  • Audiomulch does (did?) the 30 day timed demo. It sold me back in the day because the ability to save meant I could actually utilize it in my song writing/beat making workflow.
  • Hey @Taylor,
    that makes sense, I guess the app store makes it difficult to do. If you were to offer a time limited demo of the mac app it'd be great. To be honest, it looks like an app I'll get a lot of use out of but still like to try things first.

    Cheers for the reply
  • @Unclejambo, for what its worth, I lowered the price on the Mac version :-)

    - Taylor
  • Hi @ Taylor,
    mightn't have time to try it for a day or 2 yet but I'm all over downloading it!!
  • Hi, sorry to necropost, but I couldn't find info easily:

    Is there a mac demo now?

    I have used modulars for decades and I can't honestly imagine not trying something that complex without testing.
  • >necropost

    I like that, I will have to remember the term.

    I don't think there is a demo for Audulus 3, but if you watch one of @biminiroad's building vlogs you pretty much get the experience.

    I would say that patching is a pretty straightforward experience and matches modulars in most design aspects. If you want to build your own modules it helps to know a little trig and algebra but again isn't anything new if you come from modular, just a new way of expressing it.
  • OK... Thanks for the response...

    It would be great to find something that goes some way towards the ie. Nord Modular 1 and G2...

    The thing is, all the implementations of modules can differ in the aspects they allow control of.
    Some modulars have extremely basic control and some allow you to build completely customised filter designs by playing with feedback paths, am, fm and internal feedback saturation... to help emulate certain filter designs.

    This kind of thing can be extremely hard to predict as being adequate by watching people make synths using basic building blocks...

    Is there a smoothing and envelope detect module for using as a compressor control signal component?

    Are mod / control signals processed at audio rates allowing use of one in the other?
  • @grazone Yes, you can make your dsp custom filters in Audulus for sure. There is a unit delay that aids the matter greatly. There is also great support over all for feedback and audio rate modulation. There is aliasing that goes on, but it's not impossible to work around. I have never thought my complex oscillator patch, which sounds like insects eating metal, suffered because a little alias was introduced.

    There is a envfollow node, it isn't perfect, but many people have built functional and pleasing compressors.

    Inputs are all monitored at near the sample rate, so all audio rate but if Audulus senses that something is an event envelope or what have you it may go a little slower.

    You can use any knob as an input, so it's pretty straightforward to CV all the knobs, and the expression node has like 32 functions in it, so building precise modulations is basically limited by your imagination and the sample rate.
  • How to make user unterface less confusing? Just watching at curvature synth patch adds panic :)
  • @biminiroad is a bit of an aesthetic minimalist. You can label the inputs and outputs rather easily. Let's play a game. What is a module you would like to use in Audulus?
  • @GrapeInfermal - everything is processed at audio rate at the moment - in the future we'll have some option to sample buttons and knobs more slowly if that's something that people want in their design (like a button doesn't need to be checked 44,100 times per second - 100 times is usually good enough).

    The UI is up to you on each patch, but what will be less confusing is the legend that we'll make for it once the UIs are stabilized. The graphics that are used are a bit in flux at the moment, but we'll have them in the future so that when you see a certain symbol, it will mean that function and only that.

    The reason for this is to make Audulus both more beautiful and more international. It would be tough going for people to have to always bounce back and forth between Google translate to make the text descriptions (especially abbreviations!) make sense.

    You might want to look at the smaller sister of the Curvature - the micro version. It has its own walkthrough here: