• This began as a thought - I wanted to be able to turn a knob and create pulses to advance switches, counters, etc. Then I was like, hmm, bet this would work in the audio range as well! And so: the DGS output (green) is a 0 or 1 pulse, and whatever the number is on the bottom of the module, it will pulse that many times during the top knobs sweep.

    The pitch is determined by the range (the x button) and how quickly you turn the knob. /2 halves the range.

  • That is insane, love it :)
  • Yes really fun, especially when you turn the knobs with a series of LFOs.
  • Trippy unique and interesting idea!
  • Watching this makes me think that at some crazy moments you will stumble upon the JUST the perfect combination of sound and resonance that a dimension will open up and aliens from a different universe will squeeze through and eat us for breakfast!