Discchord's 30 Minute Let's Play Breakdown of Audulus
  • It's an excellent video - worth watching all the way through, especially for newbies.

    Attached is a "hotrodded" version of his patch that I made after watching his video that adds functionality and, if you peek in and poke around, will teach you ways of doing things that are a little different than what he does in the video.

    Thank you Discchord (Tim Webb) - his website is a great resource for iOS music app news. Follow him on Twitter @discchord (and follow us @Audulus while you're at it!)

    Let us know what you think!

    Discchord's Post: http://discchord.com/blog/2016/2/12/lets-play-with-audulus-3.html

    The Video:

    Note: Tim kept having trouble pulling modules/nodes up and into the patch - currently, you have to drag straight up, then left or right to the area of the patch that you want to put your element. You cannot just drag left or right diagonally - this will be more fine-tuned in the future to allow for more wiggle room, but that's what's going on there.
    Discchord's Hotrod.audulus
  • loved it - i learnt quite abit in the first 2 minutes!

  • I found it interesting that Tim emphasized building with nodes whilst Audulus encourages to stick with modules unless absolutely necessary to go down to the nodes.
  • Different strokes. I started off in modular stuff with NI Reaktor, so I am more comfortable with the basic building blocks. Also by keeping it simple I know *exactly* what the nodes do and how they interact with one another. I don't need to worry about any quirks that might exist in the fuller modules.

    But damn, Bimini's version looks pretty!
  • @discchord Good vid. Interesting patch. Keep it up!
    I also prefer working with nodes rather than modules for similar reasons.

  • Learned a lot from this!
  • Loved the video and the real time thinking! Typical audulus patch making...

  • @discchord I enjoyed the series and do enjoy using modules. Knowing what the nodes do is helpful as it allows you to tweak moudules if they're not quite suiting your purpose. Now to peruse @biminiroad version.