Newbie! hello
  • Hi All,

    I have been playing with Audulus, I have read and played with the tutorials, so far so good.

    So then i found this, the build a synthersizer from scratch video

    which of course is V2. which in a good way has made me learn more about V3, getting the Sample & Hold working.

    BUT, i cant for the life of me work out how to to the Osc Sync part at the end, the Osc modules are different in V3 so now im stuck.

    any help would be welcome,

  • There is a sync input on the new oscillators - the OSC2 is the old oscillator, and it will be disappearing. Osc node is the one you want - it should look like the one in that Discchord video you watched. He doesn't make use of the sync setting, but it's there, along with Shape, which only works on Square and Saw
  • perfect - i think im almost there now...

    Also as far as the expressions go, i know you have the tutorial in the app, but is this a language only audulud uses? can i read up on it else where? or is it just maths, in which case i need to go back to school!

    i am thinking about this expression as an example..


    what is the ^ ? square root?

    Inside the brackets calculated first?

    sorry - long time ago that i did any thing like this..


  • that expression is read as "two to the power of x over 12; times 220" - if you didn't have the parenthesis there, it would be read as "two to the power of x; divided by 12; times 220"

    the ^ carrot symbol is a way to write powers without superscript - right click/tap on the nodes and press "help" to get a breakdown of how math is handled in Audulus - also, take a look at the logic cheat sheet, that will explain a lot of useful logic stuff for ya :)
  • Hi Biminiroad - would you be able to look at what I'm doing wrong? i still cant get this Sync function going on, all though i've learnt quite abit more on how the oscilators work, I still cant get this to work, i must be doing some thing fundamentally wrong...

    hope you can help,

    many thanks
    I'm Firsty.audulus
  • Hey @Pappagee! I had a look at your patch and it looks like there was some confusion between the 1/oct (one volt per octave) oscillators and the Hz (Hertz) oscillators. I adjusted your patch and made a simple little demo of how sync works in audulus. There isn't a keyboard node in the demo, but you can easily hook one up where the first "constant level" node is right now. Hope this helps!
    I'm Firsty.audulus
    Sync Demo.audulus
  • Wow! That is fantastic, I'm still working it out but I have some thing to study now so thanks for taking the time. I normally end up putting the meter node everywhere to see what's going on!

    So reading your post again, i didn't realise the oscillators are different in terms of their input, ok I'll take a look....

    Off to study, and thanks again for your help.