Install a patch to iPad
  • I did quite extensive research on the forum and Google how to install a patch on iPad but I didn't find any relevant answers (there were some threads from 2013, like three years ago). So... is it possible to actually download a patch on a Macbook and use it on iPad version of Audulus? Thanks for any guidance. :-)
  • Yes, there are several ways to do this - you can:

    (From your iPad)
    A) Do it from the forum - you click the file, it should just download in the browser and give you an option to "Open in Audulus 3"
    B) Do it from your email - you email it to yourself from your computer and you then download it from your email and click "Open with" or whatever after it downloads and open with Audulus.
    C) Do it from the Cloud - turn on iCloud on both your computer and your iPad and your patches should sync automatically

    Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!
  • Oh, and by the way, no one will care if you ask a question that's been asked a million times, it's not that kind of "Ugh, why didn't you search!" forums - please don't hesitate to ask any question I or someone else will chime in shortly (I check the forum about 3x a day)
  • Ugh, I didn't realize I have to log in on my iPad to download the patch! Now it worked like a charm. :-)

    I am really glad you respond so quickly (quite unusual actually), so kind of off-topic but... how can I set up MidiClockIn in Audulus as input for a gate? No success with anything I have tried so far.
  • The way to do it right now is to use Audulus with a DAW or Modstep through Audiobus or IAA etc and then have an empty MIDI channel that's a pulse at whatever rate you want it - once per measure, once per quarternote - even a rhythm! You then can draw the gate off the keyboard node and you can grab that gate signal as a clock - gates and clocks can basically be the same in Audulus, since things are triggered by non-zero values on the rising edge, not by X voltage like analog gates.

    I can't remember if the version that's out now has MIDI channels or not, but that's something the beta that I'm using has that will come out very soon (so you can have 1-16 and Omni)
  • Gating works fine. Thanks! :-)

    Is there some clock which can be set to BPM?
  • @restart - thanks!

    @Imagine - there is a BPM clock here in the last post I made on this thread (3rd patch)