Adjust two knobs at the same time on iPad
  • It's quite handy that one can move around the workspace using two finger swipe but if I want to adjust two knobs with two fingers even when they are quite far apart, the workspace starts to move.

    Maybe it would be good to check whether the fingers are quite close to each other and whether they touched the touchscreen roughly at the same time. If not, let the user adjust two or more parameters at once.

    Or... maybe I am missing some setting in the preferences. :-)

    PS: I bought Audulus yesterday and as a quite experienced Reaktor user I am really surprised. It's great!
  • There is no multitouch yet (coming though), so you can only adjust one knob at a time. The only way to do it is to use a MIDI controller and assign the knobs to multiple knobs/keys on your keyboard.

    Hope that helps! Glad you dig. Check out the 2 sequencers I posted and feed them LFOs I think you will like them - let me know if you have any more questions
  • Thanks for the swift reply. :-)

    I will check out the sequencers. I didn't have yet much time to delve deep into Audulus, does it also offer MIDI out so I could trigger my external hardware?