iPad 1 support?
  • Hi,

    I just came across Audulus and must thank you for creating this, it looks really good!

    I am keen to buy this for both my Mac and iPad so wondered if there are any plans to support iPad 1?
    The iPad 1 is still supported by some of the more recently released music apps (iPolysix, Audiobus) so I was surprised to find that Audulus doesn't work on it.

    Will it be supported in future?

  • So I got the Mac version for now...

    Is there a way for the computer keyboard to be used to send midi notes in the standalone version? This can be done in Ableton Live and Renoise and is a very useful feature to audition sounds if you are just using a laptop without a midi keyboard.

  • Hey @afta8, welcome!

    About iPad 1 support: I used some iOS 6-only features to implement the patch browser, which cut the development time significantly. Audulus would also require more optimization to run well on the iPad 1.

    Good point about having "music typing"! Its not in there yet, but I'll put it on my to-do list. Logic has it too. In the meantime, I would suggest running the Audulus Audio Unit inside a host that has the feature, if you have one.

    - Taylor
  • @Taylor thanks for the welcome :)

    Fair enough, if its a big job then I would rather the time was put into developing the software rather building support for out of date hardware, I was just trying to put off upgrading my iPad1 as long as possible! To be honest I could live without iOS6 specific features and even poor performance as I will do most of the meaty work on the Mac. However it would be nice to be able to tweak whilst on the move.

    Anyway its no biggie, if you can enable it to work on iPad1 with minor tweaks (albeit in a completely unsupported way) then please do, otherwise I could live without it.

    As for "music typing" thanks for the advice. I'm running it as an AU for now in Ableton and it works fine :)